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3 Scientific Breakthroughs That May Change Your Life: Water on Mars, the Missing Link and Cancer Bloodtests

Science isn’t just for nerds, and it isn’t a matter of old discoveries found in dusty ancient tomes. Science is a live subject, encompassing nearly everything about our vast world. There are as many exciting recent discoveries as there are old ones. Let’s consider the greatest discoveries in the world over the last three years.
The Missing Link?

Scientists were beginning to believe there were no new species to be discovered in the field and that all the bones that would explain evolution had been find. But then Homo naledi was discovered. H. naledi are a previously unknown and extinct species that were discovered inside the Rising Star cave complex in Johannesburg, South African. At least 15 H. naledi were discovered inside an extremely narrow cave. The bones show a species that was about five feet tall and weighed approximately 100 pounds. Despite their orange-sized brains, the people may have actually buried their dead – a habit previously thought to have occurred much later in the evolutionary process, by larger-brained species like Neanderthals.
The bones have yet to be dated because their age may be in the millions. While scientists attempt to creating testing for the bones, they presume the bones may be millions of years old. The H. naledi also have very curved fingers. Researchers have hypothesized that H. naledi were climbers.

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