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Best Home Improvement Hacks

Home improvement can be as fun or horrible as we make it. Let’s examine some of the best home improvement hacks that will make organizing and creating a snap.

Hide The Thermostat and Other Problem Spots


Hate looking at the thermostat? Don’t like your fuse box? Have other problem spots on the wall that can’t be fixed without replacing the entire wall? Don’t do something drastic. Instead, simply place a painting over the area. By using a hinged painting that is stretched on a canvas, you can access the wall panel or thermostat easily.

Turn Old Drawers Into Shelves

Old drawers from old and unwanted dressers still have life left in them. Turn them into shelves which you can use to display art, hold your keys or collect your mail. A fresh coat of paint should give them a new day in your home.

Wine Racks


Wine racks are far from a single-use item. In fact, they are some of the most versatile items in your home.

  • A wooden box of wine or a wooden wine holder can be a great way to store your shoes.
  • Wine racks, whether made from iron, wire, or metal, makes an easy way to hold towels. Roll up the towels and place them securely on the wall.
  • A wine rack with round openings can be used to store magazines and newspapers. Simply roll them up and slide them through.
  • Racks that hold wine by the bottle top or neck can be used for bottles of oils.

CD Tower Organizers

Puzzled by what to do with the old, obsolete CD towers? Turn it on its side and mount it to the wall, then store your makeup, perfume and other bathroom items. Or repurpose it to store coffee and tea mugs. Some people even use the wire racks to sort mail and files on their desks.

Paint Touch-Ups


It’s always an annoying experience to find little areas that need painted or covered weeks and months after you painted a room. It’s double-annoying to store paint cans in the garage and other areas where you need the space. It’s easy to save space and make certain you have paint handy. Simply take the extra paint and store it in a jar. Then, whenever you see a place that needs a touch-up, you’ll be ready.

Hide the Key

Need a place to hide your spare key that isn’t as obvious as under-the-mat or under-the-lawn-gnome? Make a special one yourself. Put the key in an empty prescription bottle, then glue a pinecone to the top of the bottle. Next, bury the bottle in the dirt and you have a perfectly disguised spare key.

Erase Board


If you want something to write your to-do’s or grocery lists on, but hate the look of a whiteboard or chalkboard, then think about using glass. Repurpose glass by putting it in a frame, then using an erasable marker. To add variety and visual interest, put some fun wallpaper on the other side of the glass.


  1. yelo39 says:

    Wine racks are the best.

  2. Kara says:

    thanks great ideas

  3. blue edwards says:

    cool hacks. loves the hinge painting.

  4. P3 says:

    that’s awesome.

  5. Velcro says:

    Great ideas

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