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Female Orgasms? There’s (Now) An App for That

Groundbreaking New App for Female Sexuality

Remember the old Apple commercial? “There’s an app for that.” Now there really is an app for absolutely everything, including the female orgasm. Yes, that’s right, there’s a new startup on the scene and the company is taking itself seriously, despite the name “OMGYes.” Their mission? Teach men and women and their partners how to achieve orgasms, all with actual scientific research and user-friendly content. Their app bills itself as an interactive learning tool for everyone who wants to be better in the bedroom.


The Problem

The research team behind the website and app discovered during their research that men were not necessarily equipped with the skills necessary to make women experience ultimate pleasure. This was not really the fault of men, since there is little opportunity for men to learn from women about what works for them. As the research team explained, there are 12 major techniques to bring women to climax. Each one is depicted in a video led by a woman who personally enjoys that movement.

The Science

The site is the brainchild of some of America’s top sex researchers. Consider them the latter day Masters & Johnson, the duo who pioneered research into sexuality and sexual disorders in the 1950s and 1960s. The creators of OMGYes, who are all PhDs, noticed that the only large-scale research into sex focuses on biological or behavioral details. That means studies of sexual techniques has been rare. OMGYes conducted the first large-scale surveys to discover the best sexual techniques. Researchers interviewed 1,000 women across the country. Then they worked with the Kinsey Institute and Indiana University to survey 1,000 more women about their sexual histories, interests, what worked and what didn’t.


The PhDs

The website and app were dreamed up by Dr. Debra Herbenick, Director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion and Research Fellow & Sexual Health Educator for the Kinsey Institute, and Dr. Brian Dodge, Associate Director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion. The PhDs made sure the women interviewed ranged from all ages (from 18 to 95), races and socioeconomic backgrounds. Although they used the scientific method, they realized that for the research to help people it would need to move beyond traditionally peer-reviewed publications. That’s where the website and app come in.

The Website and App

The information gleaned from study participants was turned into videos that feature actual women discussing what works to give them pleasure. It also includes interactive graphics, which let people practice techniques with intensity and speed. Today’s advanced touchscreen devices are perfect for the hands-on exercises the website provides.

OMGYes is just beginning. It released one season of videos about stimulation, with 11 videos with titles such as Edging, Accenting, and Orbiting. Users must pay a flat fee of $29.00, which will give access to future seasons as well. The company will focus on one form of pleasure, taking a deep dive into techniques and preferences. The company will eventually introduce videos about men’s pleasure.

Celebrity Fans

So far the website has been a success, with over 50,000 subscribers prior to their initial wave of publicity. Their subscribers include celebrities like Harry Potter actress Emma Watson, who said “I wish it had been around longer. Definitely check it out.”


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    This is so cool

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    really neat app, i’ve been reading a lot about it.

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    The thing i like about this article is it goes into a detail about the research methods they used rather than just shock value

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    This is actually super important!

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