From Ryder to Slater: These Four ’80 Stars are Making Big Comebacks

Some of the biggest stars of the 1980s and 1990s are making big comebacks. Although some have faded away, television has provided an outlet for some to reinvent their careers and reintroduce themselves to a new generation.

Christian Slater


Christian Slater was every girl’s heartthrob. Heathers, Pump Up the Volume and the Gleaming Cube were big hits with the teen set, catapulting Slater into the stratosphere as Tiger Beat’s #1 crush. He was heralded as a young Jack Nicholson. But then Slater faltered. In addition to several brushes with the law, Slater failed to score leading man roles. His efforts in movies like Young Guns and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves were mediocre supporting actor categories at best. Slater tried to reinvent himself on TV. After three failed efforts on TV, he struck gold as a co-star of USA Network’s critically acclaimed Mr. Robot.

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