Inside the NFL’s Quarterback Crisis: Why Are There So Few Great Quarterbacks?

The Busts

Of the last fifteen picks, only two have washed out of football completely (JaMarcus Russell and David Carr). That seems to suggest that teams who opt to move up to the top pick in the draft are justified in making a QB their top target.


However, most of these players had broad consensus as the best player available in the draft. What happens when there is disagreement about how good the QB can be? What about quarterbacks who are picked in the first round, but not as the top pick? The answer does not inspire confidence. Seventeen of the QBs taken in the first round over the last 15 years have gone on to win a playoff game. That’s just 38 percent. Only 16 of the 45 QBs taken in the first round have winning records as starters. These statistics show how hit-or-miss the first round QB truly is for most teams.


  1. Pats Hater says:

    The Great Tom Brady just got his suspension reaffirmed. Haha

  2. QB19 says:

    Insightful thoughts. Seems to me if you have a 1-2 pick you go QB.

  3. Mitch says:

    The problem is clearly college where no one plays a pro style offense. they are in spread and don’t know what to do or how to read defense in pros.

    • central mich alum says:

      I agree — the spread offense sux and won’t work in pros – just look at Manziel and others – plus they arent even used to taking a snap under center

  4. paul max says:

    what this article brings home is how much the experts don’t know which is crazy when you think how much money and time they spend to evaluate these players

  5. NFL Not Goodell says:

    so interesting. no, brady is one of a kind

  6. Tony Romo's Broken Collarbone says:


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