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Marketing Meets Fitness and Green Initiatives: London Pizza Chain Uses Runners to Deliver Pizza

Yes, you can deliver pizza without using cars. That’s the conclusion of a pizza chain in London, which had previously avoided pizza delivery because of their commitment not to use environment-polluting cars. Sodo is a U.K. chain that prides itself on local ingredients and ethical business practices. Sodo came up with a cheap, effective and fun way to promote their business.

Sodo teamed with TBWA London and a local group of runners in order to deliver pizza to their customers. To amp up the publicity and the fun, Sodo used Live Periscope streams to let customers watch as the runners made their way to the delivery sites. The live streams became a kind of game, as customers relayed comments to their delivery runners, conveying shortcuts and leaving encouraging messages.

The promotion was only for one day, but it also raised money for a charity. Run Dem Crew is a non-traditionally running club where members mentor youth and do their part to keep the streets of London safe for everyone. The club is a perfect partner for Sodo Pizza. The promotion sold the store completely out of pizza in just three hours. The event was so successful, all parties decide to make it a monthly event.

For people who specialize in marketing and advertising, the event is a good example of how low-cost promotions can catch fire and become virtual marketing successes. Thinking outside the box allowed Sodo to raise money for a great cause, all while attracting attention from people who are most likely to be its customers.

Some skeptics have pointed out that bicycle delivery has been a mode of transportation for a long time in the food delivery business, and there was no reason that Sodo would have avoided this equally green way of delivering food. Those criticisms aside, the Sodo experience is a good example for other entrepreneurs who want to advertise their services without traditional advertising.


  1. Wil Cohen says:

    dumb idea.

    • Angela Smith says:

      Cool ida unless you are a couch potato

  2. biker says:

    but is the pizza any good?

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