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New York’s Central Park Reopens Four Acre Secret Garden

A four-acre peninsula in Central Park has remained unchanged and uninhabited – by humans, that is – since the days of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Now the secret garden has been reopened for the first time in more than 60 years, promising unparalleled views of nature for the nation’s most populated city.



  1. Wayne Hy says:

    what an unexpected oasis in the middle of the city

  2. NYC32ndSt says:

    Very good of that immigrant family to give back. Two Thumbs Up.

  3. Eugene222 says:

    I walked this yesterday it was gorgeous. Stunning tranquility

  4. Charlie Rose says:

    Saw on CBS this morning – very impressive space

  5. Magical

  6. Great story behind this. talk about a long time in the works.

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