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Prom-unism and the Weirdest Prom Themes of All Time

Prom and Homecoming Dances are two of the biggest events for high school students in America. Most people remember prom as a generic affair, as the most popular prom themes have remained “A Night to Remember,” “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” “A Night in Paris,” and “Tropical Paradise.” But some students have taken prom in a completely different direction. This is a gallery of four of the weirdest prom themes of all time.



Seniors at an Albuquerque, New Mexico college preparatory school shocked administrators last spring by voting to have “Communism” as their prom theme for the upcoming school year. The students are calling their prom, “prom-munism.” While many students thought the theme was a funny prank, others were disappointed that the high school dance may be dedicated to a destructive movement. The school administration has not said whether they would honor the students’ choice. The school intends to push the students to change their mind and view the vote as a learning experience.

Lost in Pandora

It’s not completely clear what the students at Manitou Springs High School in Colorado meant by Lost in Pandora. Judging by the decorations, which included lots of trees and plant life, the prom was a tribute to the Disney movie Avatar. There was nothing that strange about a Pandora prom theme until the prom chaperones decided to assert themselves.


According to police reports obtained by the Smoking Gun, two mom chaperones named Jennifer Farmer and Hannah Rockey arrived at the dance in full military gear. The two jumped into actions when they observed teenagers dancing too close together. The chaperones reported this behavior to a policeman who was on duty. He decided there was nothing out of the ordinary about bumping and grinding teenagers. However, the moms then decided to kick students out for dirty dancing, spraying several girls down with Lysol disinfectant spray and calling them “whores.” The police eventually arrested the two women for harassment.

Groundhog Prom


The Groundhog Prom in Omaha, Nebraska is one of America’s strangest traditions. In the 1970s, a group of high school students were commiserating about the tendency of big events to become big letdowns. After an in-joke about a groundhog, the students started the Groundhog Prom, an alternative prom for people who refuse to grow up. Now 38 years old, thousands of adults attend the Groundhog Prom, which is dedicated to celebrating the freedom to be as raunchy and inappropriate as possible.

The Prom’s traditions include priests, dominatrixes, skating chipmunks, and Catholic school girl costumes. Some attendees just wear old tuxedos and garish prom dresses. The Groundhog Prom also has a political bent. Each year the theme changes to reflect the political news cycle. In 2001, the official theme was “2001: An AmBUSHed Odyssey.”

Protect Our Troops


One woman remembered having a prom during the first Gulf War in 1990 that used the theme “Protect Our Troops.”

“Swear to GOD. We had yellow ribbons everywhere. It was hideous. They played that song “Get Here If You Can” and there were flags all over. My table almost got tossed for pretending to burn the little flag favors on the table.”


  1. Rebecca Moore says:

    Promunism? Oh kids, please do not.

  2. Toby says:

    The groundhog prom looks rad!

    • Otterly Amazing says:

      Would be cool if the prom was named the Otter Prom instead.

      • Mark says:

        My high school was called the fighting otters. I kid you not.

        • We Love Clams says:

          Otters are lovers, not fighters

  3. Dion Waiters says:

    Save our troops? That sounds so tacky, lol, leave the troops alone kids!

  4. Suzanne says:

    Pandora as a prom? Just no.

  5. LOL says:

    our prom theme was “died in your arms tonight” after the song. it was a mess!

    • Lancelot says:

      Ours was based on that burger shop they worked at on 90210. It was horrible. I am dating myself with this response btw!

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