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The FDA Unveils New Food Labels: Here’s 6 Changes Coming to Food Packages Soon

3. Added Sugars


This is a new category that the food industry fought hard to avoid. It was added to give voice to recent research emphasizing just how many sugars come from processed foods. Added sugars must be measured in grams and as a percent daily value. The sugar industry is not behind the change, but the FDA says the change is necessary to help consumers distinguish between sugars added to foods and sugars that come naturally in things like fresh fruit.


  1. updated says:

    great thanks for info

  2. Hortense says:

    very good idea

  3. GMO says:

    Added sugars, finally that is a category that needs addressed

  4. Coke says:

    The serving size is still not right. the FDA is just encouraging people to drink a huge vat of coke

    • Yoda says:

      Is it really about getting people to control behavior? I think it makes sense because it’s about giving people information

      • If you don’t think the government is trying to control behavior than i have florida swamp land to see you!

  5. FDDS says:

    Welcome changes

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