Vegetarians Rejoice: A Vegetable-Based Fast Food Chain Awaits

A new fast casual food chain is becoming extremely popular in a most unusual way: by offering vegetables. Beefsteak, a concept created by internationally-recognized chef Jose Andres, is focusing on fresh produce rather than prepackaged meats.

The new chain not only zeroes in on vegetables, it prepares its dishes on site. The idea behind the chain is to bring quality fresh food to the masses. Its tagline is literally “Vegetables, Unleashed.”

beef feature

Rather than doubling down on salads, like many fast casual chains, Beefsteak presents an exciting menu loaded with options. Like Chipotle, consumers customize their own bowls. Their choices include a grain option (quinoa, rice, bulgar), a choice of sauce, and a list of veggies that will make every vegetarian rejoice. Everything from Brussel sprouts to asparagus are on the menu.


  1. Veggie Girl says:

    Thanks for the article!

  2. Carl Morgan says:

    This would be exciting if it came near me. I’m tired of fast food and over priced fast casual like Chipotle.

  3. Missy Edelweiss says:

    Looks really good. I hope it catches on.

  4. Bobby Flay's Best Friend says:

    Well the food looks good and it certainly has a pedigree. I wonder if this will compete with others though. It seems hard to distinguish from Chopped.

  5. Suzie says:

    this could catch on maybe. i’m a vegetarian,sometimes i eat fish with it, so i could definitely eat here.

  6. Penn Jr. says:

    Nice idea.

  7. Tony Miller says:

    Jose Andres is boss.

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