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Robot Sophia: The first work of this “crypto artist” is worth $ 688,000

A self-portrait painted by the human-like robot Sophia has been auctioned for a huge sum.

Robot Sophia is no longer just the most famous AI- animated robot in the world, but also an influential name in contemporary art that can delight the NFT (non-fungible token) market. The humanoid machine’s latest work made waves on the crypto-art platform Nifty Gateway, selling for the equivalent of $ 688,000.

The self-portrait of the robot Sophia

The work with the title “Sophia Instantiation” consists of a 12-second morphing video that was created by the robot itself: The pictures show a portrait of Sophia painted by the Italian artist Andrea Bonaceto, which is converted pixel by pixel into a digital one The buyer – an unspecified collector who hides behind the nickname “_888_f” – received not only the finished picture, but also a video showing the progress of the creation process.

According to the SingularityNET portal, this would even be the “first NFT work to be created by a robot animated by artificial intelligence”. In short, another first for Sophia, who since 2019 has begun to demonstrate a certain talent on the artistic front: her style is based on watching faces with her cameras. Images given by the neural networks with which the robot is equipped and converted into speech through movement and the choice of colors. A similar process to the NFT series “Computational Creativity”, which was also created in collaboration with Andrea Bonaceto.

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