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Whatsapp cashback: how it works and how much you save

The app is working on the new feature on Whatsapp Pay, the digital payments service.

Whatsapp may soon guarantee you a cashback on your purchases . The Menlo Park team leading the development of the messaging app would be working on a rewards system for using Whatsapp Pay in the (few) countries where it is currently available. The platform with which you can buy items from companies and send money to friends and family can currently be used in Brazil and India , but Facebook is working to sand down the regulatory hurdles that prevent it from landing globally.

How cashback on Whatsapp works

It works similar to other digital payment apps – just add your credit card and choose whether you want it to be available in certain apps or in all Facebook apps. You can initially use it to pay for fundraisers, in-game purchases, event tickets or small-amount person-to-person transfers, but when fully operational, it will transform into your digital wallet on Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp and Instagram . Think of the influencers, who will be able to sell their items directly from the Stories, or the Marketplace where it will no longer be necessary to be in person but will have an experience similar to eBay: you enter, buy and receive the package at home. Without forgetting, of course, Whatsapp, where you can divide the dinner bill with friends, collect money in the group for a birthday or a graduation party or pay the merchants who will be credited to the system developed with WhatsApp Business .

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How much do you save with cashback

And now, with the arrival of cashback, you can even earn on your purchases by getting a refund within 48 hours on the amounts you decide to pay through the new system set up by Whatsapp. For those who do not know what it is, cashback is the reimbursement of a percentage of the expense on the customer’s account, as if it were a sort of discount on the final price of the purchase made by the credit institution. Well before the launch of state cashback , many financial organizations offered similar solutions as an incentive to use digital payment at the expense of cash.

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