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David Rothman: A Breath of Fresh Air

2020 hasn’t exactly been a year of pleasant memories for most of us. Many of us are looking forward to 2021 with hopes that it will offer something better. However, in the meantime, there are people like David Rothman, music industry expert, philanthropist, and music creator, who are bringing a welcome wave of encouragement and positive vibes through music and philanthropy.

Rothman is an up-and-coming artist who recently released a hip-hop track, The Rap Knight, which you can listen to here. The track is a welcome mix of fast-tempo hip-hop instruments set with inspirational chording and melodic material, with a catchy background and solid production, which Rothman also handles expertly as a composer. Rothman raps about the positive experiences in his life, including becoming married, finding happiness in his 30s, his family’s joys, and much more. It’s pure, straightforward lyricism set to catchy production (Rothman seems equally talented and comfortable as a producer as he is behind the microphone).

The Rap Knight offers the kind of positive escape that music is meant for, and it’s refreshingly real and introspective.

On his music journey, Rothman explains,

“As a member of the Recording Academy it’s been a dream to get a chance to produce and release music. Looking forward to releasing more music in the near future. Music has always been a big part of my life… I first got into the industry by attending a lot of shows and was socializing with all people in the music industry. I got my Executive MBA and saw a gap in the industry, which was helping artists on the road. That’s when I decided to fill in that gap.”

But rap is a small part of what Rothman does. He’s also an accomplished businessman and philanthropist. Rothman explains his philanthropic work in an interview with Film Daily:

“UJA of NY is the world’s largest local philanthropic organization helping more than 100 non-profits around the world. Our mission is to help everyone and keep them united, right now we are contacting people via email due to the coronavirus, whereas we usually set up meetings in order to set our mission… In addition to that, I volunteer with Junior Achievement of New York teaching those less fortunate to become the next generation of Entrepreneurs.  I am also a District Advocate for the Recording Academy and work to make sure our politicians do what they can to help the Entertainment Industry.”

Rothman continues in his interview with Film Daily, “I am always volunteering for charities and helping teach young musicians and entertainers about the industry. I am also the incoming Co-Chair of UJA’s Young Leaders and joining the organization’s Board of Directors.”

David Rothman is the kind of fresh air 2020 needs: an accomplished musician and businessman who cares about bringing hope and encouragement into a cultural environment that needs it.

To learn more about David’s music and other philanthropic interests, visit his Instagram page.


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