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The best Spider-Man 3 theories, explained

There are still months until we can see Peter Parker back in Spider-Man 3 , but there are already a few clues about what awaits the spider hero and there are dozens of theories (some very crazy) about it.

Spider-Man: Far From Home dumped Peter Parker at a critical moment, Mysterio turned out to be a villain, released a few Fake News and helped expose Peter Parker’s true identity as well as accusing him of being a villain and making him the enemy. audience number 1, which doesn’t exactly make him look good.

As if that were not enough, Marvel has already confirmed the return of two classic villains , Electro and Doctor Octopus , which means that it is “open season” for Spider-Man and that the villains could take advantage of the moment to try to destroy him once and for all . We still know exactly what Marvel’s plans are , but it is very clear that it is something big and with the connection with WandaVision (through SWORD ) we are definitely going to see something related to the multiverse (which is already opening up and is going to explode with the arrival of the sequel to Doctor Strange and the multiverse of insanity)

Among what has already been confirmed is the fact that this is a story we’ve never seen before ( Kevin Feige said so), the release date (July 16, 2021) and the return of Jamie Foxx, Alfred Molina, and Zendaya , and then there are some theories thrown up by fans of the character that make a lot of sense and could definitely become reality in this or the next movies being developed.

Matt Murdock to represent Peter Parker in court

Now that Spider-Man’s identity has been revealed and Mysterio left a video in which the hero appears to be the villain, it is very likely that he will need a good lawyer to defend him and there is already a good candidate living in the same city, Matt Murdock. . Murdock is better known as Daredevil and Charlie Cox could reprise his character from the Netflix series to help Peter.

Another theory says that it will not be Matt Murdock, but Jen Walters, aka She-Hulk , who makes her debut in the film and then continues her own story in the MCU.

The arrival of the Sinister Six

The return of Electro and Doctor Octopus could be just the beginning, by having these villains present, it is possible that more join the cause to destroy Peter Parker and that they end up forming the Sinister Six , a famous team of supervillains of the comics dedicated to making Spider-Man’s life miserable.

Spider-Man and the Punisher will be together

It’s not uncommon for Marvel to feature cameos from other characters from their universe in the movies and while it’s not confirmed in any way, many believe The Punisher could show up to help Peter now that every criminal in New York knows his true identity. Peter is definitely going to start the movie in a tough position (hunted by everyone who wants to destroy him), so he’s going to need powerful allies to help him and Frank Castle could be one of them.

Three Spider-Man in one place

With everything that has been said about the multiverse (and now with WandaVision, SWORD and Doctor Strange ) , there has been much talk that Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire will accompany Tom Holland in this new adventure. Peter clearly needs a lot of help to get out of the situation he’s in, and turning to other heroes like him could be a great strategy, although for this he would have to find a way to convince Scarlet Witch or Doctor Strange to help him cross between the dimensions.

Mysterio is not dead

At the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming , you can see Vulture was in prison. Which means you can join the Sinister Six in a later movie. But Mysterio was killed at the end of Far From Home and that leaves an important element out. Some fans believe that Quentin Beck’s power to create realistic illusions could be a clue that Mysterio didn’t really die, it was an illusion to frame Peter and get him exposed.

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