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The 30 Minutes Rule: A Simple Method That Will Change Your Life

The 30 Minutes Rule is one simple yet extremely effective way to dramatically improve your life. Try it and you – it will definitely help.

This method has a very serious advantage – it is suitable for absolutely everyone, because it does not require incredible efforts. The main thing is discipline and patience.

What is the essence of the “30 minute rule”?

Everything is very simple. Spend half an hour a day on something useful for your development. Yes, only 30 minutes.

Sounds pretty funny, because what can you learn during this time? Actually – not very much. But here discipline and patience come to the rescue.

For example, we’ll set aside 30 minutes daily for books. Let during this time you read 25 pages. As a result, we get 30 books read per year if the publication has 300 pages. Not bad, isn’t it?

This approach can be applied to anything: learning English, playing the guitar, dancing, or your favorite hobby.

The 30 minute rule is perfect for learning a new profession or improving your own skills that will help you earn more. Just try it – you will see that in six months you will seriously move forward. And that’s just 30 minutes a day!

Moreover, you can always find a free half hour even in a busy schedule.

What are the disadvantages of this method?

We are all human. Therefore, we can deviate from the schedule from time to time and allow ourselves to rest for several days. If this happened, it’s okay. No need to reproach yourself. You just need to re-enter the “30-minute wave” and gradually move towards your goal.

Your main friend in this case is patience. We all understand that success doesn’t come overnight. But with this method you will approach it every day.

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