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6 Allergy Tips That Really Help!

The weather is finally getting better and you can’t enjoy it because allergies are troubling you? We have 6 tips to help you keep allergies at bay.
A cold nose, watery, swollen eyes and difficulty breathing? You are not alone in this. A study by Eucerin from 2017 shows that around 16% of Germans also struggle with pollen. However, the study also shows that those affected do not want to be restricted by their allergy. Just staying inside instead of enjoying the sun outside cannot be a solution either. We have 6 hacks for allergies and we know how to cope with everyday life despite flying pollen.

Allergy tip # 1: get out at certain times

Hay fever is caused by pollen from grass, trees and herbs. If these get into the mucous membranes, the affected person will experience an allergic reaction. In summer, this is usually triggered by grass pollen. In order to avoid the cause, you should know when the pollen concentration in the air is highest – or lowest.
In the city, this is usually the case in the evening, between 7 p.m. and midnight. Even in the early morning between six and eight o’clock there is less pollen in the air, especially in rural areas. You should remember these times – for the next walk, for the jogging round – or for airing! Or you can download a pollen app. This can give a very precise indication of the current load in your environment.

Allergy tip # 2: change bed linen more often

What is particularly important in the spring and summer months: Change your bed linen more often than usual. Pollen always sticks to the clothes and one or the other pollen finds its way into the bedroom when airing. Therefore, change and wash the bed linen more often than you would otherwise, preferably every four to five days.
This not only prevents constant sneezing and coughing, which keeps you from sleeping – it also makes you feel fresh. Because there is hardly a better feeling than lying in a newly made bed, freshly showered.

Allergy tip # 3: Don’t let laundry dry outside

Since you bring pollen into your home with your clothes, you shouldn’t leave your clothes in the same room where you sleep. Since you should wash your laundry more often during the high pollen season anyway, you can put them in the laundry basket right away. However, do not dry your laundry outside where pollen will re-infest your clothes. During the high pollen concentration, it is better to rely on the dryer – or on the classic clothes horse in the apartment.

Allergy tip # 4: shower before bed

The bed linen has been changed, the clothes in the wash – now it’s about you. The pollen also collects in the hair and sometimes on the skin. So if you want to go to sleep calmly, you should quickly jump into the shower before going to sleep. This ensures a restful night that is not interrupted by allergic reactions.

Allergy tip # 5: drink tea!

Green tea strengthens the immune system , ginger and nettle have anti-inflammatory effects, while peppermint tea reduces swelling. In order to support your body in defending itself, you should cook one of the above-mentioned teas every now and then – ideally also for prevention.

Allergy tip # 6: Diet rich in vitamins

Vitamins C and E act as antioxidants and prevent the allergy messenger substance histamine from being released. Allergy sufferers should therefore strengthen their immune system by making their diet as rich in vitamins as possible. Vitamin E in particular is said to be able to neutralize the red, runny nose during the pollen season. Vitamin E is mainly found in nuts and vegetable oils, while vitamin C is found in vegetables and fruit.

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