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    Elvia Barrios: “The judiciary faces serious problems of legitimacy”

    The president of the judiciary, who took office on Monday, noted that the judiciary “has not proved unscathed” to the phenomenon of corruption.

    The president of the Judiciary, Elvia Barrios, considered this Monday that this power of the state “faces serious problems of legitimacy”, and her work is perceived as “insufficient or late”. He referred during his pronouncement at the inauguration ceremony for the period 2021-2022.

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    “The judiciary faces serious problems of legitimacy. Judicial public policy products or services are perceived as insufficient or late and sometimes even deficient. To our inadequacy to fulfill our constitutional role by structural factors that have historically affected the service of justice, corruption and new risks that demand creative and rapid responses are added,” he said.

    Elvia Barrios delve into one of the problems she considered “afflicting” the social, economic and political system: corruption.

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    “One of the great problems afflicting the social, economic and political system in our country today is corruption. This scourge not only undermines institutionality, democracy, good governance and development possibilities, but also citizen trust, social cohesion and thereby governance,” he said.

    In addition, he stressed that the judiciary “has not proved unscathed to this phenomenon”, which is reflected in allegations against judges who are currently under investigation.

    “This [corruption] is reflected in the facts disseminated in the media and currently under investigation, in the high rates of distrust of the population with this power of the state. Can we stand aside in the face of this reality? Obviously not. The fight against corruption is a huge challenge in the judiciary because it has the dual task of acting against external corruption, but also and especially against internal corruption,” he said.

    In this context, Barrios announced that it will “decidedly” support the Special Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice and the National Superior Court of Specialized Justice, “which lead to emblematic processes”.

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