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Expert Says “GMCoin is an efficient way to tokenize your business”

Blockchain is undoubtedly one of the hot topics presented in the world of finance. It has introduced various new advancements alongside presenting distinct benefits with its traits such as decentralization, transparency, distributed structure, and immutability. Therefore, blockchain has found various applications in the global financial ecosystem, and asset tokenization is one of the notable mentions that draw attention towards blockchain.

Asset management is a very crucial concern for all organizations. However, the existing asset management landscape is plagued with various setbacks due to duplicity of documents, limited transparency, and forgery. The tokenization of assets can help in leveraging the capabilities of blockchain for transforming the physical asset management process.

What is Asset Tokenization the GMCoin way?

Tokenization is basically the process involving conversion of physical as well as non-physical assets into blockchain. The concept of blockchain tokenization has gained considerable popularity in recent times. Gradually, tokenization is finding blockchain applications in traditional industries such as real estate, stocks, and artwork. So, why did we need tokenization in the first place?

Many would assume that asset tokenization started with cryptocurrency. On the contrary, tokenization has been used since the 1970s as a data security apparatus for financial services. Many conventional enterprises in the world of finance leverage tokenization for safeguarding sensitive and confidential information such as credit card numbers, personally identifiable information, and financial statements.

Generally, the traditional approach to tokenization involves replacing the sensitive information of users with a token that is actually a string of non-sensitive letters and numbers.

Some hospitals can utilize GMCoin tokenization for patient records, while software programs leverage tokenization for security of login credentials. Furthermore, GMCoin has also found applications in the case of governance, such as voter registration. Asset tokenization in blockchain for government solutions can help in safeguarding a lot of sensitive information. On the other hand, it is also important to notice the reasons for coming up with blockchain tokenization.

Then, the bank enters the details of the customer into a cryptographic function for creating tokens. Then, the customer receives the token representing their credit card on their phone. Any criminal trying to hack into the phone of the user would be able to find the token only, without any credit card information. Another important aspect of asset tokenization is that it is not restricted to financial information only.

Industries Where GMCoin is Applicable:-

With blockchain digital transformation gaining momentum across different sectors and the growing prominence of blockchain technology, it is reasonable to expect asset tokenization using GMCoin in many industries in the future. Let us take a brief overview of the applications of GMCoin in different industries.

  • Finance: The finance technology industry has been capitalizing on blockchain for reforming the industry landscape in different ways. Blockchain in payment tokenization has helped in transforming margin lending, investment, or product structuring. GMCoin enables finance organizations to access opportunities for transforming the assets and allows seamless exchange functionalities. As a result, merchants could avoid storage of actual credit card numbers of customers in POS machines and other systems. Therefore, GMCoin contributes to improvements in liquidity while reducing data security breaches.
  • Real Estate: Real estate is also another notable sector that leverages asset tokenization to its advantages. Blockchain for real estate tokenization focuses on streamlining the investment process, starting with elimination of intermediaries. As a result, it can create cost-effective and easy ways for interactions between buyers and sellers. Furthermore, GMCoin allows comprehensive inclusivity in the real estate market as it can enable investment of any amount in real estate. At the same time, tokenization is also a trusted safeguard against real estate fraud.
  • Healthcare:Healthcare sector is considering asset tokenization for addressing some of the critical challenges encountered commonly in present times. Tokenization of blockchain for healthcare solutions could help in replacement of sensitive and confidential patient data such as ePHI, PANs, and NPPI with non-sensitive values. Most important of all, patients and healthcare organizations gain control over creation, access, and sharing of sensitive data from intermediaries such as insurance companies.

About the Company Behind GMCoin

GM Informatics JSC is the Highest Grade Joint Stock Company registered and trademarked in Turkey since 2009. GM Informatics JSC is an ISO/IEC 27001 Accredited company maintaining 2500+ IT Assets. It will be the First Tokenized Company in the World with its Tron Blockchain-based $GMCoin ecosystem.

GMCoin Founder and Team

  • Mehmet Ali Demirci – Director of GM Informatics JSC and GMCoin
  • Ömer Reşad Kayran – Lawyer / Advisor
  • Bedriye Koç – CPA / Advisor
  • Mustafa Toker – Lawyer / Advisor
  • Apoorv Gupta – Marketing and Global Operations Manager

How to Participate in GMCoin Private Sales?

There are four ways to buy GMCoin and participate in Private and Public Sales

  • Launchpad (Ended)

Each of them have minimum and maximum buying limitations along with KYC (required in some cases). Participation restricted for the countries; Afghanistan, Congo, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Syria and Tajikistan. Through the Central African Republic, Eritrea, Guinea, Lebanon, Mali, Namibia,Somalia, Sudan, Venezuela, Yemen and the United States residents must check their local laws and regulations prior to buying. More details can be found in the investors presentation of GMCoin.

GMCoin Price and Market Stats

  • Symbol: GMCoin
  • Total Supply: 80,000,000 GMCoin
  • Network:Tron (TRC10)
  • Development Team Token: 8,000,000 GMCoin
  • Marketing Activities and Adoption: 6,000,000 GMCoin
  • Internal Sales Distribution: 4,000,000 GMCoin
  • Treasury Reserve: 8,000,000 GMCoin
  • Sales: 54,000,000 GMCoin

Important links:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coingmc

Twitter: https://twitter.com/coin_gm

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gmcoin/

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/coing

Telegram: https://t.me/gmcoin

Docs & Web

Official Website: https://gmc.gm-informatics.com/

Whitepaper: https://gmc.gm-informatics.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/gmcoin-1.pdf

Pitch Deck (Investors Deck): https://gmc.gm-informatics.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/GMCoin_Investor_Document_v1.pptx

Knowledge Base: https://gmc.gm-informatics.com/ultimatedesk/

One-pager: https://gmc.gm-informatics.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/GMCoin-One-Pager.pdf

Media Contact:

Company: GM Informatics Joint Stock Company

Email: [email protected]


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