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Mentally Prepared Imran Khan to Appear in Lahore High Court: Toshakhana Case

Imran Khan, the ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, who is anticipated to face arrest in the Toshakhana case, has been slated to attend Lahore High Court on March 18. On Wednesday, Khan wrote a letter to the president of the Lahore High Court bar, guaranteeing his appearance before the court on the designated date.

Mentally prepared to get arrested

  • Imran Khan gave an interview with Al Jazeera on Tuesday night amidst the confrontation between PTI supporters and the police over his potential arrest in the Toshakhana case.
  • He stated that he was mentally prepared to be detained and already assuming that they might arrest him that night due to the significant force outside, which included police and rangers (the army).
  • He also said that it appeared as if Pakistan’s greatest terrorist was barricaded inside.
  • According to Khan, the authorities are resolute in apprehending him, and their motive is not to uphold the rule of law because the biggest criminals are presently in the government.
  • He claimed that 60% of the cabinet members are presently out on bail in corruption cases.

Petrified by my party’s popularity

  • Imran Khan believes that the authorities want to remove him from the electoral contest because they fear the popularity of his party. According to him, his party won 30 out of 37 by-elections and is expected to sweep the upcoming election.
  • He made a call for his supporters to come out on the streets, which came after police used tear gas shells and water cannons on PTI supporters outside Zaman Park.
  • In the interview, Imran clarified that his request for his supporters to come out and fight for their “freedom” was not meant to be interpreted as a call for violent protests.
  • He stated that protests are a part of the democratic process.

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