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US Air Force veteran Says to Joe Biden: Blood is in Your Hand

During a recent event, US President Joe Biden was unexpectedly challenged by a US Air Force veteran who questioned Biden’s role in the American wars in the Middle East. The veteran asked why anyone should vote for Biden when millions of people had lost their lives due to his actions.

“I’m an Air Force veteran. I’m here with an Army veteran. We are just wondering why we should vote for someone who voted for a war and enabled a war that killed thousands of our brothers and sisters, countless Iraqi civilians,” said the man.

“You enabled that war, and you also gave a medal to a man who enabled that war and caused that war. That blood is in your hands as well. You’re disqualified, sir. You’re disqualified. My friends are dead because of your policies,” he added.

At the event, Joe Biden was attentively listening to the Air Force veteran’s criticisms and responded by mentioning that his own son had also fought in Iraq.

He expressed that it mattered deeply to him, and when the veteran clarified that he was not targeting Biden’s son, Biden warned him sternly, saying “You better not.”

As Biden moved away from the man, the veteran shouted that Biden was disqualified and that the blood of his fallen brothers and sisters in Iraq and Afghanistan was on Biden’s hands, blaming him for enabling the wars to happen.

“He is disqualified. No way he can be president. They are dead. Millions are dead in Iraq. He will not be allowed to be president. Disqualified! Trump is more anti-war than Joe Biden,” he added.

The US Air Force veteran has been praised by netizens as a “brave patriot” and a “true man” for speaking out against President Biden’s involvement in the Middle East wars. Some people questioned why there were attempts to silence him and why he wasn’t allowed to express himself freely. Others pointed out that Biden should not be solely blamed for the Iraq war since it was former President George W. Bush who was ultimately responsible.

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