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Wanna go to Mars? Submit your name and aboard the next NASA missions

Just register on the «Send your name to Mars» portal and you’re done: it’s free and in return you will also receive your interplanetary boarding pass

Perseverance’s arrival on Mars has drawn attention to the red planet. Pending the next private missions that will sanction the start of space tourism , the landing of the NASA rover has drawn attention to the colonisation program launched by Elon Musk to be completed within the next 40 years. For the moment, the American billionaire is focusing on the Moon and on the creation of a starting point for the next interplanetary journeys that will allow us to reach Mars in less than 3 months. But the long-term goal is the creation of a real Martian city that allows us to exploit the rich energy resources of the planet. Of course, right now the idea is practically a utopia due to the prohibitive costs – we are talking about a 10 billion dollar ticket – and the high risk of dying during the journey or during our stay in space.

But if we can’t set foot on Mars right now, we can at least leave our mark in space. Like? By registering on the “Send your name to Mars” portal which will allow you to be included in the next space mission . You will not have to become an astronaut, but your name will take care of traveling aboard the spacecraft that will depart from Earth. It has already happened before the Mars 2020 mission which led Perseverance to search for traces of life in the Jezero crater, in the northern hemisphere of the red planet and which guaranteed 11 million people to be travel companions of the robot.inside a microchip that also contains the 155 essays finalists in the “Name the Rover” competition that led to the nomination of Perseverance and Ingenuity for the robot and the helicopter-drone.

In exchange for their name, country of origin, postcode and email address, participants received a special electronic boarding pass for their very personal space travel . “Since registrations for Mars 2020 closed, many people have continued to express interest in sending their name into space. For this reason, to those who have lost the opportunity to let their name fly together with Perseverance, we want to give the opportunity to register for the next missions “, they say from NASA, which has therefore reopened registrations for those wishing to contribute to leaving a mark in the history of space travel. The registration is free and the names are not shared publicly.

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