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A portable console with Android and 5G gets ready and the Switch has a lot to do with it

While an improved Nintendo Switch could arrive, a new console that is very similar to that but with an Android operating system is already enlisted, according to reports.

Rumors about a new improved Nintendo Switch continue to grow, but the arrival of this new version could coincide with the development of the first console with Android operating Android , which would be being developed by a company specialized in the development of microprocessors and which would include capacity to surf the 5G network.

The new console would be developed by Qualcomm and would be very similar to the successful Switch of the Japanese company and, in addition to having a similar system that would allow the controls to be removed, it would stand out for being supported by Android , the specialized site Android Police has reported. which has cited a source close to the company. “Qualcomm will use a premium provider for the design and manufacture of the gamepads, ” highlights the media.

The device would have a detachable side knob system and would be thicker than an average phone. The size of the console would be key, as this would allow the processor to operate at a higher speed and would also protect a longer battery life. It would also have the capacity so that, like the Nintendo console , it can be played on a regular screen and it would also have a memory system based on micro SD cards. The big difference would be the ability of this new gadget to navigate on the expected 5G network , which would mark a great distance from the capabilities of Nintendo’s.

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The company has not commented on the matter but Android Police even claims to have had a look at photographs of the project that is scheduled to be launched in the first quarter of 2022. The commercialization will be carried out directly but the company would also take advantage of its consolidation presence in the market to bring the console to stores.

As for the games library, Qualcomm would develop its own platform although it would also generate alliances with Epic Games to be able to run its app and title library.

The announcement of this supposed new Android console comes amid rumors that Nintendo is developing a new, improved version of its successful Switch that could now support 4k. But is the console with Android a competition for the Japanese company? Executives keep their feet on the ground and assure that they do not expect an immediate takeoff in sales even though it would have a starting price of $ 300, according to Android Police.

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