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How to recover Whatsapp deleted messages

Did you delete your WhatsApp messages by accident? Depending on the situation you can get them back. Here we tell you how to do it in a few steps.

There are different reasons why we get to delete messages on WhatsApp .

Some prefer to delete chats with sensitive information that has been shared in the past or perhaps they want to forget about a conversation with a person. In other cases, it may only be sought to eliminate evidence of an interaction through WhatsApp , and in some more it may happen by simple accident. We take the wrong action and we are left without a conversation or some messages that may be important.

How then do we go about recovering them?

Before answering the question, it is worth remembering that WhatsApp (of which we have some tricks) also has an option to archive the conversations we have on the platform. This does not completely delete the messages but leaves them in a place that is difficult to access, but where we can enter at any time and have access to them. In some accidental cases, it is common for people to archive their conversations thinking they have deleted them.

To archive the messages , just enter WhatsApp , and keep the conversation that we want to archive selected. This will highlight it and present three icons at the top. The one with a folder with a down arrow is the one to archive. If you want to see those messages or if you think you accidentally archived a conversation, here we help you.

How to access my archived messages?

If you think that you archived your messages by accident or if you do not know where they are in WhatsApp , either on Android or iOS, just enter the platform and on the main page, go down in the chats to the bottom. Once we have gone through all our chats, we will be able to see the ones that are archived.

To be able to see them, just enter the conversation, but if we want to recover it and make it appear among the normal messages , just leave it selected and select the unarchive icon.

How to recover deleted messages on WhatsApp?

If your situation is not like the previous one and you deleted messages intentionally or accidentally and want to recover them, you have a bet, but it is necessary that some options are activated.

First you have to make sure that you have the backup option in WhatsApp activated and that it makes a daily backup. To do so, you must follow the following steps.

  • Enter WhatsApp , and open the three-dot menu in the upper right corner.
  • Access Settings and then Chats.
  • In that menu look for “Backup”.
  • There should be an option to Save to the cloud, either in Google Drive or iCloud. We select and choose the option that says daily. That way, your chats will be backed up every day in an emergency.

If you have this activated and the messages you deleted are recent, you will not have any problem, but if it is in “Weekly” and you deleted messages from the last days, you will not be able to recover them.

To recover the messages we must delete WhatsApp from the phone and download it again. Another alternative is to use a different smartphone and open the account from there. When we try to register it, the application will ask if you want to recover your backup copy. Just accept it and we will have all the messages back. There is no way to retrieve them from the application.

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Some sites recommend the use of an external application (or several) to be able to retrieve the messages . These apps do work, but it is not safe to use them as they are linked to the account and can have access to your chat history. So, if you want to recover your accounts, we advise the first option and only reinstall WhatsApp or open it from another phone, and make sure to save again once you have recovered them so as not to lose them again.

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