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Ethereum network crashed after hard fork while Filecoin hardfork was successful

The Ethereum network crashed this Thursday. Earlier today, Ethereum went through a planned upgrade called Berlin via a hard fork.

Initially, users began to pay attention to the lack of new blocks in the popular Etherscan blockchain explorer. According to the information displayed on the website, the last block, number 12244294, was added at 14:05 Moscow time.

As it turned out, the Ethereum network continues to work, however, all nodes using the OpenEthereum software withdrew from the consensus. OpenEthereum was in the past overseen by developers from the startup Parity and today remains the second most popular client among the holders of Ethereum nodes. According to ethernodes, it accounts for about 12% of the active network nodes.

“Notice: The OpenEthereum team and key developers have been alerted to client synchronization issues and are working to diagnose and fix them. New block data will not be displayed on Etherscan until the fix is ​​released, ”writes Etherscan.


The main Geth client still maintains a network connection. Transfers of cryptocurrency and ERC20 tokens on the largest exchanges are also available. Some other services may fail. If it is necessary to track data in the Ethereum blockchain, users can still turn to  alternative observers .

Ethereum, Ethereum’s own cryptocurrency, has today climbed to a new all-time high of $ 2,487 and remains close to it at the time of publication, despite network outages.

Filecoin hardfork was successful

A planned hard fork will take place on the Filecoin network, which will update the network to version 11. The withdrawal of deposits will be temporarily suspended.

Lotus hard fork

The Filecoin hard fork will take place at block 665280. It is expected to happen on Monday, April 12, at approximately 22:00 UTC (13 April at 00:00 Moscow time). The fork will update the network to version 11. It will implement the FIP-0014 proposal  . Deposits and withdrawals may be suspended, but the hard fork will not affect trading operations.

“In this release, we have updated lotus-miner sectors extend — a command line interface with a new option that automatically expands all expandable sectors v1,”  the project website says .


As  stated in the press service of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance, the new hard fork will not lead to the creation of new coins. Deposits and withdrawals will be suspended starting at 16:00 UTC (19:00 Moscow time) and resumed as soon as possible after the hard fork.

Note that this hard fork is planned.

How the market prepares for the Filecoin hard fork

Filecoin’s native token, FIL, is declining in anticipation of a fork. According to the CoinMarketCap resource, over the past 24 hours, the value of the coin has decreased by 2.38% and is $ 178.52.

Filecoin price dynamics. Source: CoinMarketCap

It is likely that the price of the coin was influenced by the general trend in the market, as well as the information background around the company. Previously, experts noted that information can significantly affect the value of a cryptocurrency.

“Any information in the modern world can affect the value of a particular cryptocurrency. After all, it is no longer a secret to anyone how verbal interventions can be used in foreign exchange markets for a specific purpose, only unlike the classical foreign exchange market, such statements are made not by representatives of governments and central banks, but by public figures enjoying a certain authority in cryptocurrency circles (the so-called “ opinion leaders “)”, – commented Alexander Fedorov, director of Cryptotrade LLC.


At the end of March, the value of Filecoin soared 60% amid a flood of good news.

Fake Filecoin forks

The Filecoin project has several forked clones. However, analysts at investment firm Taihe Capital concluded that in reality they only offer cosmetic improvements to the project and cannot be classified as stand-alone protocols. The three most notorious forks were selected for analysis: EpiK Protocol, FileCash, and FileStar.

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