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Review The Pig, the Snake and the Pigeon Online Full Movie Netflix

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Director: Wong Ching-Po

Country: Taiwan

The Pig, the Snake and the Pigeon (2023) on IMDb


  • Ethan Juan as The Pig (Protagonist)
  • Ben Yuen as The Snake (Antagonist)
  • Yi-Wen Chen as The Pigeon (Antagonist)

In the bustling streets of Taiwan’s criminal underworld, an arrogant yet cunning criminal known as “The Pig” (Ethan Juan) aims to ascend to the top of the criminal hierarchy by eliminating his top two competitors: the seasoned veteran “Snake” (Ben Yuen) and the manipulative “Pigeon” (Yi-Wen Chen). As The Pig orchestrates a series of daring heists and ruthless betrayals, tensions escalate, leading to a climactic showdown where loyalties are tested and the true cost of ambition is revealed.


Set against the neon-lit backdrop of Taiwan’s urban landscape, “The Pig, the Snake, and the Pigeon” is a gripping crime drama that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats from start to finish. Directed by Wong Ching-Po, the film boasts a stellar ensemble cast led by Ethan Juan, Ben Yuen, and Yi-Wen Chen, who deliver powerhouse performances that elevate the material to new heights.

Ethan Juan shines as the charismatic yet morally ambiguous protagonist, infusing The Pig with a magnetic presence that commands attention in every scene. With his blend of charm, ruthlessness, and cunning intellect, Juan brings depth and complexity to the character, making him a compelling anti-hero whose journey viewers can’t help but be invested in.

Opposing The Pig are Ben Yuen’s Snake and Yi-Wen Chen’s Pigeon, two formidable adversaries who prove to be more than a match for the protagonist’s ambitions. Yuen imbues Snake with a steely resolve and cunning intellect, while Chen exudes a quiet menace and manipulative charm as Pigeon. The dynamic between the three leads crackles with tension, driving the narrative forward and keeping audiences guessing until the very end.

Director Wong Ching-Po demonstrates a deft hand at crafting tension-filled set pieces and pulse-pounding action sequences, all set against the backdrop of Taiwan’s vibrant urban landscape. From high-stakes heists to tense confrontations between rival factions, Ching-Po maintains a tight grip on the narrative, delivering a thrilling ride that never loses momentum.

Visually, “The Pig, the Snake, and the Pigeon” is a feast for the eyes, with stunning cinematography capturing the neon-lit streets and shadowy alleyways of Taiwan’s bustling metropolis. The film’s stylish aesthetic adds an extra layer of atmosphere to the proceedings, immersing viewers in the gritty world of organized crime.

Beneath its slick exterior, the film explores themes of power, ambition, and the corrupting influence of greed. As alliances shift and loyalties are tested, “The Pig, the Snake, and the Pigeon” offers a nuanced look at the complexities of the criminal underworld, posing thought-provoking questions about morality and the nature of power.

How to Watch Online:

You can watch “The Pig, the Snake, and the Pigeon” online without any registration on major streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu. Simply search for the film on your preferred streaming service and enjoy the thrilling ride from the comfort of your own home.

Christopher Patillo
Christopher Patillo
Christopher Patillo is an accomplished writer and editor with a passion for exploring the intersections of technology, society, and culture. With a Master's degree in Journalism Patillo has contributed to various publications. His writing focuses on emerging trends in artificial intelligence, digital privacy, and the ethical implications of technology in everyday life. He is also involved in community outreach programs aimed at promoting media literacy among youth.

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