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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Sony already has a perfect car to compete with Tesla

Sony is already preparing its own vehicle that intends to compete with big players in the market.  If anyone can take on the American electric car...
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    Skin tips for Women In Winter Season 2020-2021

    Winter is the time of the year when women's skin is exposed to extreme weather changes. As a result, women should take extra care...

    Top 5 famous men who earned the most in 2020 according to Forbes

    Actors, singers, athletes have everything there. Even if you already think that all these celebrities have a lot of millions in royalties, you will still...

    A mysterious signal came from the depths of the universe

    Astronomers have recorded a gravitational signal that came from the depths of the universe and was generated by the most massive merger of black...

    Why you should Listen to Michelle Obama’s New Podcast

    Michelle Obama is the person we all wish we could call our friend, and in a way, she is. She has been quite an...

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