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    Forex Trading Guide 2021: Trading by MACD patterns

    Trading on a 4-hour chart using MACD patterns is a simple and quite profitable strategy.

    This 4-hour MACD strategy uses the following forex indicators:

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    Moving Averages – Moving Averages:

    1) exponential moving average (period 365) – 365 EMA

    2) simple moving average (period 200) – 200 SMA

    3) simple moving average (period 89) -89SMA

    4) exponential moving average (period 21) – 21EMA

    5) exponential moving average (period 8) – 8EMA

    Settings for MACD:

    Slow EMA with a period of 13

    Fast EMA with a period of 5

    MACD EMA with a period of 1

    Horizontal Lines:

    A set of three horizontal lines must be set above and below the zero mark in the MACD indicator window with a step of 0.0015

    The patterns created by the MACD indicator are profitable patterns. You should use only trading signals that have the highest probability of making a profit.

    The working patterns are presented below:

    Forex Trading Guide 2021 Trading by MACD patterns 1

    The MACD indicator on the patterns shown in Figure A and D moved from the level of 0.0045, which indicates that a corrective movement or a trend change may have occurred. These patterns are called counter-trend patterns.

    Trending patterns are B and C, allowing traders to enter in the direction of the trend. The signal to conclude a deal is red circles, it is recommended to enter the market with the opening of a new candle or bar.

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