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    Forex Trading Guide 2021: Forex strategy for beginners

    The considered strategy is intraday. At the same time, absolutely any currency pairs can be traded, that is, the strategy is multicurrency. The system can even be used by beginners, since it is extremely easy to master.

    This strategy will need a number of the following indicators:

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    1. Exponential average with a period of 5;

    2. Exponential average with a period of 8;

    3. Heikin ashi;

    4. MomentumVT with a settlement period of 10;

    5. Dinapoli stoch with settings 8,3,3;

    6. QQE Alert mooth Factor 1.

    There are basic and additional rules for opening positions in this strategy.

    Basic signals for entering a long position:

    1. The primary signal occurs when the short average crosses the long from the bottom up;

    2. The Dinapoli stoch indicator shows the values ​​that show buy signals;

    3. MomentumVT indicator (10) shows values ​​above 50;

    4. The line of the QQE indicator should have an upward movement

    If we talk about basic signals for opening a short position, then the following conditions should be met:

    1. First, a crossover must occur, the short must cross the long from top to bottom.

    2. The Dinapoli stoch indicator shows sell signals;

    3. The value of the MomentumVT indicator (10) must be less than level 50;

    4. The QQE indicator shows the direction of downward movement

    The peculiarity of entering is that the signal is fully formed when the candlestick closes completely. Exit from the deal is carried out by one of the indicators. The main exit signal is a crossover of the averages in the direction that is the opposite for opening a position. Dealing with this is not difficult enough. The most important thing is not to do premature actions, and also not to miss the exit moment, that is, there must be at least one exit from the position, which is shown by confirmation by technical indicators.

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