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Peru’s Congress Passes Motion to Reject Statements Made by Colombian President Gustavo Petro

The news “Peru’s Congress approves rejecting statements by Colombian President Gustavo Petro” means that the Congress of Peru has passed a resolution or motion that rejects recent statements made by Colombian President Gustavo Petro. It is unclear what specific statements the Congress is referring to, but they are likely related to a recent diplomatic dispute between Peru and Colombia. By passing this resolution, the Congress of Peru is expressing its opposition or disagreement with President Petro’s statements and sending a message that they do not support his position on the issue. The approval of the rejection of President Petro’s statements by the Peruvian Congress is a symbolic gesture and does not have any legal consequences or implications.

With 72 votes in favor, the plenary session of the Peruvian Congress approved a motion that proposes to “express its rejection of the statements of the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro” that according to the measure constitute “an offense to our National Police of Peru.” The legislature also approved declaring him persona non grata.

The Congress thus pronounced itself against the statements of the Colombian president, who said that “in Peru they march like Nazis against their own people, breaking the American Convention on Human Rights.”

Petro made that statement during a speech he gave last week at the inauguration of new ambassadors to Colombia. The president did not mention Peru’s police, but his statements came after images of thousands of police marching in downtown Lima were released Thursday when protests against the government of President Dina Boluarte took place in the same place.

For its part, the Foreign Relations Committee of Congress had already approved on Tuesday the “rejection” of the president’s statements.

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