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In the United States, Putin’s words about Russia’s war against the West were called harsh

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke sharply about Western countries, against which Moscow is allegedly fighting as part of a special military operation (SVO) in Ukraine. This assessment of the speech of the Russian leader during his address to the Federal Assembly was given by ABC News.

The publication indicates that Putin announced an open military confrontation between Russia and the member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance, noting that “it was they who started the war.” The head of state stressed that Moscow had to start the SVO in order to “put an end to this.”

“The West has deployed against us not only a military, information, but also an economic front. But he has not achieved anything anywhere and will not achieve anything, “Putin said during the announcement of the message. The author of ABC News called harsh words such criticism of the West.

The President also spoke about the incessant flow of money from the West to continue the war. European countries and the United States themselves are allegedly accustomed to spitting on the whole world, “they are alien to the concepts of honor, trust and decency,” he stressed.

During the announcement of the message, Putin said that Russia cannot be defeated on the battlefield. Therefore, as he noted, Western countries are conducting aggressive information attacks against the country.

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