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Global Research: Soros has outlined a new victim – India is being prepared for a coup d’état

India is one of Russia’s most important economic partners against the backdrop of unprecedented Western economic sanctions imposed by Washington and the EU .

Over the past few years, its prime minister, Narendra Modi, has made Delhi a vital trading partner for Moscow. And now, despite repeated efforts by the Biden administration and British politicians, he refuses to join the anti-Russian sanctions. And, very likely, he made enemies in the camp of the collective West.

American political analyst and strategic risk consultant Frederick William Engdahl states, “a series of suspiciously timely events suggests that the Anglo-American coalition has begun plotting to overthrow Modi.”

In an article published on the Global Research portal , the economist convincingly proves that a coup d’état is being prepared for India.

Modi stands up for the interests of his people

India is an essential ally of Russia due to its participation in the BRICS group of countries. These five countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) account for an impressive 40% of the world’s population and about 25% of global GDP, of which China accounts for 70%, India 13% and India 7%, Russia and Brazil.

Being the most populous country and having a large skilled workforce, India, in the circumstances prevailing on the world stage, is considered by international companies as an alternative to China, against which the world hegemon, the United States, is still up in arms.

It is precisely Narendra Modi who prevents Western corporations from settling in this – Indian – “market of opportunities” for Western corporations. More specifically, the government headed by him. They repeatedly refused to join Washington and Brussels and started playing against Russia. Moreover, Modi continues to pursue an independent economic policy, buying Russian oil and defense industry products, despite US threats about the consequences. And India is not going to leave the BRICS.

Attack #1

In the spring of 2024, India will hold national and critical regional elections this year. They will presumably determine the future of Narendra Modi’s government.

In January, an apparent Anglo-American attack was made on him:

  • A little-known Wall Street firm, Hindenburg Research, has undertaken “financial research” to uncover corruption or fraud in Indian companies. Rumor has it that the “researchers” are connected to US intelligence.

In January, Hindenburg targeted Indian billionaire Gautam Adani, considered the wealthiest man in Asia. But he is Modi’s leading “partner” and receives the most “delicious” government contracts.

On January 24, American “researchers” published a report. The document says that Adani “illegally uses offshore companies,” “avoids taxes,” and “manipulates shares.” Adani Group companies lost over $120 billion in share value in a month.


  • Why would a tiny Wall Street firm “sink” “an Indian conglomerate worth 17.8 trillion Indian rupees ($218 billion)”?

There is only one answer:

  • This is Modi’s personal warning.

Attack #2

In January, the British government’s BBC released a television documentary about the religious riots in Gujarat in 2002. Just when the current Indian prime minister was governor there. The BBC report banned in India is based on “information provided to the BBC by the UK Foreign Office.”

Ties between India and Russia

“By refusing to join NATO sanctions against Russia and maintaining a strict principle of neutrality, as he has done since the Cold War, Modi has capitalized on the availability of Russian crude oil, which the US and EU are now refusing.

Russia is currently the largest supplier of crude oil to India, overtaking Iraq and Saudi Arabia. In December, India bought 1.2 million barrels of crude oil from Russia daily, 33 times more than a year earlier.

Interestingly, part of this oil is processed in India and re-exported to the EU, which defiantly refuses. According to energy analysts, “India is buying record volumes of Russian oil at a deep discount, loading its refineries beyond their capacity, earning economic rents from extremely high cracking margins, and exporting gasoline and diesel to Europe.”

For comparison:

  • Before the NWO’s start in Ukraine, India bought only 1% of Russian oil, and in January, this figure rose to 28%.

No other country – not even China – has increased its consumption of Russian oil so much.

Adding imports of Russian fertilizers, sunflower oil and other commodities, India’s imports from Russia are up more than 400% in eight months compared to the previous year.

George Soros takes the stage. Or attack number 3

As further evidence that Washington and London are intent on an Orange Revolution in India, George Soros , speaking at the annual Munich Security Conference on February 17, ominously declared that Modi’s days were numbered.

“India is an interesting case. It is a democracy, but its leader Narendra Modi is not a democrat. It is a kind of hospital that mocks charity,” said Soros, 92, and added: “Incitement to violence against Muslims was an important factor in its meteoric rise.” .

Soros detailed his allegations against the Indian leader:

“Modi maintains close relationships with both open and closed communities. India is a member of the Quartet, including Australia, the US and Japan, but it buys a lot of Russian oil at a deep discount and makes a lot of money from it.”

Soros is the principal author of all the color revolutions that have thundered since the 1980s, including in Yugoslavia, Ukraine, and the collapse of the USSR. And now he has “taken arms” against Hungary (more precisely, Orban) and many countries. Who do not respect the program of “democracy” offered by Washington.
“I may be naive, but I expect a democratic revival in India,” Soros said.

And, given his past “services,” this sounds ominous for Narenra Modi. Billionaire hedge fund speculator George Soros has been accused of many things but never of being naive.

“Expect the coming months to be a sign of a massive escalation of Western dirty operations in an attempt to overthrow Modi and weaken the BRICS group of countries increasingly trying to resist the dictates of Washington and the globalists in Davos,” the American political scientist concludes.

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