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Cafes and blackout: the turnover of catering establishments decreased by 8% in a week

The massive shelling of Ukraine almost did not reduce the number of working cafes and restaurants, but affected their turnover and organization of work.

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Referring to the data of the cafe and restaurant automation company Poster , we found that massive shelling of civilian infrastructure and a total blackout had almost no effect on the number of operating establishments, but affected their turnover.

On November 16, after the massive shelling of civilian infrastructure and the first blackout, the number of operating institutions did not change significantly. The exception is Zhytomyr and Odessa regions, where the largest drop in the number of operating establishments was recorded – -5% and -3% per week, respectively.

The turnover of cafes and restaurants fell by an average of 8%. Most of all establishments “sank” in Chernivtsi (-15%), Ternopil (-14%) and Khmelnytsky (-13%) regions.

The shelling of civilian infrastructure and  the second blackout on November 23 also had little effect on the number of operating establishments. Cherkasy and Rivne regions suffered the most (another -4% over the week), Ivano-Frankivsk, Vinnytsia and Ternopil regions (-3%).

However, there is also a region where there were more active establishments during the week  — this is the Zhytomyr region (+4%).

On average, the second blackout reduced the turnover of cafes and restaurants in Ukraine by 8% over the week. Turnovers sank the most in Kirovohrad (-16%), Volyn (-14%), Mykolaiv (-13%), Odesa (-12%), Kyiv, Poltava and Chernihiv regions – -11%.

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“Power outages are forcing restaurateurs to adapt the work of establishments: reduce opening hours, reduce menus, cook only cold dishes, fire up the grill on the street, work by candlelight. However, those entrepreneurs who have already installed generators feel better and even see growth in the box office. Establishments become at the same time work hubs where you can work on your laptop while there is no electricity at home, and invincibility points where you can charge your phones and warm up,” Rodion Eroshek, CEO and co-owner of Poster cafe and restaurant automation company.

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