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Zelensky Proposes Decades-Long Sanctions Bill Targeting Iran

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has presented a bill that, if passed by the country’s parliament, would enforce sanctions on Iran for a period of 50 years. The proposed sanctions are a response to Kyiv’s allegations that Iran has been providing weapons, including hundreds of drones, to Russia since Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine last year. Tehran, however, denies these accusations.

The bill, if enacted, would result in a range of measures against Iran and its citizens. It would prohibit the transit of Iranian goods through Ukraine and the use of Ukrainian airspace by Iran. Additionally, it would impose trade, financial, and technology-related sanctions on Iran.

In a related development, Kyiv reported that Moscow conducted a significant drone strike on Ukraine, using 54 drones allegedly manufactured in Iran. Out of the 54 drones, 52 were successfully intercepted and shot down by Ukrainian forces. The incident marks the largest drone strike recorded thus far.

These events highlight the escalating tensions between Ukraine, Russia, and Iran, and the potential implications for regional dynamics.

Russian air strikes on Kyiv

In a significant escalation, Russia conducted multiple waves of air strikes on Kyiv overnight, marking the largest Iranian-made drone attack on the city since the beginning of the conflict. As the Ukrainian capital prepared to celebrate its founding anniversary, the Ukrainian Air Force successfully downed 52 out of the 54 Russia-launched drones, which were described as “kamikaze” drones of Iranian origin. The exact number of drones shot down over Kyiv remains unclear.

Tragically, this assault also resulted in the first deadly attack on Kyiv in May, with a 41-year-old man losing his life due to falling debris. The incident marks the 14th assault on the city this month, emphasizing the intensifying nature of the conflict.

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