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Tesla Model S Plaid Security Questionable

A Tesla Model S Plaid car (the latest electric car from the Elon Musk company) was in an accident in the suburban area of ​​Philadelphia.

As a result, the car caught fire. This happened back on June 29, but the first news of this appeared in the media only in the evening of June 30.

This incident did not have much effect on Tesla shares: before the close of the trading session, they were down 0.16% to $ 679.70.

In the past, news of an emergency involving the company’s electric vehicles negatively affected its quotes. So, on April 19 this year, they sank 3.4% due to an accident with a Tesla S model car, which led to two deaths.

According to media reports, the reasons why the car caught fire have not yet been established. Witnesses say they saw a car engulfed in flames rolling along the road on its own.

Ultimately, an explosion occurred in it. There were no reports that people were in the cabin at that moment.

At the same time, there is information that the owner of the car has not yet been found.

The new Tesla model was positioned as “the best in everything”

Elon Musk previously stated that the day the Tesla Model S Plaid went on sale had to be postponed precisely in order to finally make sure of the safety of its battery.

The head of the company noted that when creating this model, significantly more problems arose than was initially anticipated.

As a result, it took the development team a long time to make sure the batteries in the new machines were reliable.

When creating batteries for the new model, the company used an innovative technological solution called “4680 cells”.

Larger cells of this type make it possible to store more energy, which can reduce the cost of the battery.

The new Tesla car is capable of accelerating to almost a hundred kilometers per hour in less than 2 seconds.

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Its range on a fully charged battery exceeds 620 kilometers.

Musk noted that such characteristics prove the ability of electric cars using “green” energy to surpass all other car models in everything.

In addition, the businessman said that the Tesla Model S Plaid charges faster, has a more spacious rear seat, and also has a built-in PlayStation.

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