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How to Protect your iPhone From Hackers in 2023

It’s crucial to keep your smartphone safe against theft, especially if it costs more than $1,000. Nevertheless, burglars are often interested in the personal data stored on the physical device as well.

A recent Wall Street Journal report claims that thieves have discovered a new technique for monitoring iPhone owners input their passcode and taking their personal information. The user’s Apple ID password is then changed once they remember the code, seize the phone, and essentially lock them out of iCloud, denying them access to crucial data. The passcode can also be used by thieves to access banking apps and accounts, possibly resulting in fraud.

While Apple maintains that iPhones are the “most secure consumer mobile device,” users should still be vigilant when using their smartphones in public. Here are a few tips to help protect your phone and data:

  1. Protect Your Passcode: To stop thieves from accessing your smartphone, cover the screen when typing your passcode or use Touch ID or Face ID as often as possible. If you choose a passcode, be careful to make it lengthy and challenging to crack.
  2. Don’t Save Passwords on Your Devices: Passwords to critical websites and apps shouldn’t be stored on your phone or tablet as doing so leaves you open to hacks. Instead, think about employing a password manager.
  3. Set Up Two-Factor Authentication: Two-factor authentication requires users to enter a backup security code before entering their password to access a site, making it a valuable tool to protect against theft. However, experts advise against using SMS text messages for two-factor authentication, as thieves can easily access your phone and change your passwords and backup keys. Instead, use an authenticator app and turn on biometric protection.

While Apple continues to work on updates to protect customers, users should still take steps to protect their phones and data from potential thieves.

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