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10 best perfumes for women to gift on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you still have no present? No panic! We have 10 perfect fragrance ideas that your loved one is guaranteed to be happy about on Valentine’s Day.

Why perfume is the perfect gift for women on Valentine’s Day 2021

When it comes to ideas for gifts for Valentine’s Day, men are often confused. What are women really happy about? And how big should the gesture be? Are flowers too much of a cliché, but a piece of jewelry already over the top? 

We are convinced that giving is always nice, so you should definitely surprise your loved one with a small present on Valentine’s Day. The perfect middle ground: a beauty gift like a perfume! It’s enough understatement, but also very individual – especially if you think about which fragrance best suits your significant other in advance.

Perfume Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021

Since there are so many different perfumes, we have compiled our favorites for you here.The best: All fragrances are simply perfect for Valentine’s Day thanks to their color or name. And: With our tips you will quickly find out which fragrance suits your loved one best. And if you don’t want to go straight for the perfume, we also have a highlight in our luggage!

Valentine’s Day Perfume # 1: Dior – J’adore Infinissme

Not only because of the name perfect for the day of love: “J’adore Infinissme” from Dior relies on the interplay of noble Centifolia rose, ylang-ylang, Arabian jasmine and tuberose. Testimonial is a seductive Charlize Theron. The perfect fragrance for everyone who loves gold and glamor.

Valentine’s Day Perfume # 2: Jo Malone – Scarlet Poppy

For this brand new fragrance from the house of Jo Malone, the journey goes to the wild steppes of Asia. The focus is on the red poppy – lovely, but with so much more behind it than you can smell at first. A simply great perfume!

Valentine’s Day Perfume # 3: Chanel – Le Lion

Chanel for Valentine’s Day is worth a thousand words. Anyone who gives away one of the fragrances from the “Les Exclusifs de Chanel” series means business and wants to be bound for eternity. The latest addition is inspired by the zodiac sign of the legendary Gabrielle Chanel.

Perfume for Valentine’s Day # 4: Krigler – Mont Suisse 67

Did you actually think of a romantic vacation in the snow-capped mountains for Valentine’s Day? Travel is currently not possible, but dream travel is. And with no other fragrance does it work better than with the “Mont Suisse 67” from Krigler. Lemon, tangerine and a little pink pepper and you are in another world.

Valentine’s Day Perfume # 5: Bvlgari – Splendida Patchouli Tentation

Elegant, simple and modern – with “Splendida Patchouli Tentation”, Bvlgari has created a fragrance that doesn’t need any extra Chi-Chi, but supports the strong personality of the wearer. A must-have for all patchouli fans.

Valentine’s Day Perfume # 6: Escada – Candy Love

How about something sweet for Valentine’s Day? Then “Candy Love” from Escada is just right for you. A scent that you almost bite into – with nuances of candied apple, vanilla and pink centifolia. The best is of course the heart-shaped bottle.

Valentine’s Day Perfume # 7: Givenchy – Irresistible

The Eau de Parfum “Irresistible” from Givenchy stands for pure femininity and charm. The focus here is on the flower, which many women cherish as their absolute favorite: the rose!

Valentine’s Day Perfume # 8: Acqua Di Parma – Peonia Nobile

“Peonia Nobile” by Acqua die Parma: a fragrance that is as sumptuous and elegant as the flower that inspired this Eau de Parfum – the peony. Not a fragrance for girls, but for women.

Valentine’s Day Perfume # 9: Tom Ford – Tubéreuse Nue

Should sensuality be at the top of your list on Valentine’s Day 2021? Then our recommendation is clearly called “Tubéreuse Nue” by Tom Ford. The top note here is the tuberose, which, in combination with jasmine and suede, gives off sparks.

Valentine’s Day Beauty # 10: Byredo – Rose of No Man’s Land


A perfume is too risky for you or your girlfriend has already found your permanent fragrance that you have been relying on for years? Then a beauty package with shower gel and body lotion is a nice alternative. The body wash and body lotion “Rose of No Man’s Land” from Byredo is brand new and wonderful for Valentine’s Day 2021.

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