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Expert tips for men on how to take care of your hair

Conditioner or mask? Why is scalp care so essential? And why does gray hair need special attention? Hairdresser Fabien K is here to answer all of these questions.

Best hair care: Master hairdresser Fabien K gives essential tips

Do you really need a hair mask or is a conditioner enough? And why has everyone been talking about special scalp care lately ? For all those who would like to have a full and beautiful head of hair for a long time this will not happen without good hair care. 

We spoke to hairdresser Fabien K ( with a salon in Munich’s Glockenbachviertel ) about various care and styling products, what distinguishes a conditioner from a hair mask and why hair loss is inevitable without a well-groomed scalp .

What should men pay special attention to when caring for their hair?

Fabien K : First of all, the hair has to be really clean. This means: The hair should be free of dandruff and free from residues of any styling products. When choosing a wax, make sure that the wax can be washed out easily. In the case of bad products, it can take up to five washes to remove all remains. However, it should be outside after washing once so that the hair can breathe again.

Do you need special care products such as masks and conditioners?

It is important to know the difference between the two products: a conditioner provides moisture and closes the cuticle of the hair, which brings shine and makes the hair easy to comb. But: he doesn’t repair at all.

The mask repairs thanks to the proteins, but it does not close the cuticle and does not make the hair supple. So you can do both to make the hair feel soft. Another option is a leave-in conditioner. It’s faster – often an important point for men.

The scalp is currently becoming more and more important in hair care – how important is it?

The scalp is the most important thing. When she’s not doing well, her hair thins and falls out. The scalp is the habitat for our hair. I recommend doing a deep cleaner once a week (not more often!) To remove all residue.

If the scalp is healthy, there is nothing special to do. But if it is oily or the hair is very flaky, then it is a sign that the scalp is out of whack.

Hair Loss: What Can Really Help?

There are several reasons for hair loss. If it is genetic, there is little that can be done. Otherwise you can use different products such as Regaine. You at least keep everything you have and the hair loss doesn’t get worse – as long as you use the remedy. But: Hair that has already been lost does not grow back!

The main preventive care is to take care of the scalp, after all, this is where the hair roots are anchored

What mistakes do men like to make with hair?

One mistake men like to make is wearing their hair too short. The problem here: you can no longer balance the shape of the head with the hair and correct it a little to create a beautiful back of the head. I can harmonize that with the hair. And to be honest, very few of us have a perfectly shaped back of the head.

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