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Chingari’s 900% Surge in User Base: Aptos Blockchain Boost

In recent weeks, the Aptos blockchain platform has experienced a remarkable surge in activity after integrating with Chingari, a former Solana-powered social media platform in India.

New users on Aptos have skyrocketed by 900% compared to the previous month, with almost 90,000 daily active users on the network.

Chingari’s decision to transition to Aptos on July 6th aimed to attract more users and enhance their experience after Solana’s shutdown in 2022. The integration unlocked on-chain features like digital gifting, contributing to the surge in new users on Chingari.

Aptos also launched a Chingari wallet, enabling users to earn tokens through interactions and content creation, which can be used for tipping, increasing content interaction, and receiving NFT rewards.

As of July 14th, Chingari accounts for 80% of Aptos’ daily active users and 50% of the total gas fees paid on the network, showing a 500% increase compared to the previous month.

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The number of transactions on Aptos has risen by 150%, reaching nearly 2 million transactions per day. If this growth continues, Chingari is predicted to surpass STEPN, the second-largest dapp on Solana, in active users.

Chingari’s rapid growth could lead to 1.25 million users by the end of July, surpassing Solana’s speed. Aptos anticipates having over 20 million users and accumulating more than 200,000 APT tokens in gas fees by the end of 2023.

Aptos focuses on building a secure and accessible blockchain platform for a global user base. Other dapps in the ecosystem, like game developer Mythical Games, have also migrated from Ethereum to Polkadot for faster transactions and lower fees.

The integration of Chingari with Aptos highlights the potential for blockchain platforms to attract large user bases through strategic partnerships with established apps.

As the adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies continues to grow, more platforms may witness similar surges in activity by leveraging the unique features and benefits of different blockchain ecosystems.

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