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Telegram Introduces “Stars” Currency to Revolutionize Platform Payments

Telegram, the popular messaging app, has unveiled its latest innovation – “Stars”, a new currency aimed at streamlining payments within the platform while enticing developers away from the ecosystems of tech giants Google and Apple.

Stars, a token designed for seamless transactions within Telegram, can be acquired through in-app purchases facilitated by Google and Apple. This digital currency empowers users to purchase a wide array of digital goods and services offered by bots or mini-apps within the Telegram ecosystem. From e-books to online courses and games, Stars facilitate convenient transactions, with future plans including the ability to acquire small gifts or special emojis.

In an added incentive for developers, Stars can be converted into Toncoin, Telegram’s native cryptocurrency, through a dedicated service. Furthermore, developers can utilize Stars to promote their apps on Telegram without incurring any fees, positioning Telegram as a more developer-friendly alternative to platforms like Google and Apple, which often charge hefty fees of up to 30%.

This strategic move by Telegram comes as a response to the growing demand for streamlined and decentralized payment solutions within messaging platforms. With approximately 400 million of Telegram’s 900 million users regularly engaging with bots and mini-apps, Stars is poised to revolutionize the way users interact and transact within the platform.

Meanwhile, Telegram’s native cryptocurrency, Toncoin, has experienced significant growth, soaring by 300% this year alone. With a current trading value of $7.50 and a market capitalization of $18 billion, Toncoin’s upward trajectory underscores the platform’s increasing influence in the cryptocurrency market.

For further insights into Toncoin and Telegram’s evolving ecosystem, readers can access our in-depth analysis here. Additionally, for those considering investments in Notcoin (NOT), another cryptocurrency launched by Telegram, our analysis delves into its recent impressive performance, with a remarkable 148% increase in just one week.

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