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Play-to-Earn Games to Watch in February 2022

The play-to-earn video games are now no longer continually approximately being profitable in play-to-earn video games. 

A play-to-earn recreation should first and foremost be enjoyable; while it is, it’s going to draw greater gamers over an extended duration of time. 

The motives for consisting of video games in this listing can vary from thrilling new gameplay to early funding potential. 

Play-to-earn gaming is one of the hottest topics in the gaming market this year thanks to the growing game world and blockchain technology. 

Play to earn Games is a new type of decentralized game that allows players to acquire, trade, and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for in-game assets such as characters, weapons, cars, money, etc.

  1.  Mine of Dalania 

 Mines of Dalania is an adventure game project with a new blockchain-based real estate market launched on Launchpool. 

Two cooperative groups, miners and landowners,  make up the player base. Landowners provide land and resources, and miners fight monsters and destroy blocks in search of valuable resources. 

Players can also collaborate with friends to kill monsters, complete quests, and access in-game rewards.  

The in-game assets for Mines of Dalania will be available for purchase on the NFT Marketplace in Q1 2022 as part of their planned IGO collection. Upgrades, skill progression, governance, transaction fees, and other in-game transactions are all done with DAR, the same money. 

  1. My Neighbor Alice 

Play My Neighbor Alice and experience the best of both worlds in a multiplayer building game. A fun experience for casual players and a trading and collecting environment for NFTs. 

In the form of an NFT token, players purchase and possess virtual parcels of land from Alice or the marketplace. 

Because there is a limited supply of available land, market prices fluctuate. If you’re a good landowner, the in-game reputation system will give you an added benefit. 

In addition to land, players can purchase in-game assets such as houses, animals, vegetables, decorations, and cosmetics to use for their avatars. Staking, collateral, and redemption are examples of certain Defi services. 

  1. The Mobox 

Mobox is a cross-platform GameFi metaverse that blends Defi yield farming with gaming NFTs. Mobox NFTs, commonly known as MOMOs.  

MOMO NFTs can be used to farm, battle, and create crypto rewards. Within the MOBOX metaverse, participants can also exchange their MOMOs, stake them to cultivate MBOX tokens, or use them as collateral.  

Mobox offers simple gameplay that incorporates both free-to-play and play-to-earn elements. The game places a high value on NFT interoperability, making it possible to play with other players and one of the top play to earn games. 

  1. Axie Infinity 

Axie Infinity is a Pokemon-inspired Play to Earn game in which players fight, breed, and trade with mythical creatures called Axes. 

This game is well known in the crypto community. The game rewards players for competing axes with each other for a little love potion, in-game money (SLP). 

Each Axie is also a non-fungible token (NFT) that can be bought and sold on the NFT exchange. 

  1. Illuvium 

Illuvium is a new blockchain RPG that takes place in an open environment. Players must defeat and catch Illuvials as they wander through a magical environment. 

Illivuals can be utilized in battle against other players once you’ve collected them while questing, completing challenges, or progressing through Illuvium’s plot.  

The Illuvium project revolves around collecting and customizing your NFT.  The Illuvium project revolves around collecting and customizing NFT Illuvial. 

Each Illuvial is assigned an affinity and class. There are 5 classes and 5 similarities, each with its strengths and weaknesses. The more you win battles and complete quests, the stronger your Illuvial becomes. 

The NFT Marketplace can be used to exchange all game assets on Illivium, including Illuvials and objects. To earn Illuvium’s in-game currency, ILV, and sILV,  you can buy tokens and start staking on the Illuvium platform, or staking partner tokens in  Flash Pools. 

  1. Sandbox 

The Sandbox is a virtual metaverse that allows players to buy land, play games and create their games and change the virtual world.  

As a  collector, artist, or game organizer, you can contribute to the virtual world or simply play many games as a full member. 

Sandbox is one of the biggest names on the metaverse if you’re looking to buy digital land or real estate. 

  1. The alien world 

Alien Worlds is a multi-planet NFT metaverse with 7 worlds. The goal of the game is to earn Trillium (TLM), an in-game cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for real money.  

To compete for part of the TLM reward pool, players can collect TLM or send virtual ships on missions across the Metaverse. 

Upon completion of the mission, each traveler can receive up to 5 NFTs. In addition to learning about the BSC blockchain, the game also allows players to compete against each other.

  1.  RaceFi

RaceFi is the world’s first auto racing network built on the Solana blockchain. In the metaverse of the game itself, users can race or win game assets and earn money. 

However, one of the downsides of this game is that it uses AXS and SLP currencies. Both have been heavily devalued recently. 

  1. Polygonum 

 According to the description, the game is a free-to-play, cross-platform, multiplayer Defi survival game with NFT, crypto, and open-world components.

This means that players can earn money in a variety of ways, including mining currency and trading in-game items. Farming, often known as FARM, PVP, and PVE, are the three zones in the game.

  1. Age of Rust

If you’re looking for a PlaytoEarn game with interactive story content, I highly recommend Age of Rust. 

Imagine waking up on a  planet plagued by natural disasters in the 44th century, ruled by artificial intelligence and machines. Explore exciting landscapes, solve puzzles and earn tokens. The  ENJIN protocol was used to create Age of Rust, a post-apocalyptic RPG. The game is based on the Ethereum blockchain and its original purpose is to arouse people’s interest in blockchain technology.

Players will find more than 24 BTC hidden by the game inventor, these bitcoins are currently worth $1,000,000 and 370,000ENJ coins, utility tokens in the world of the ENJIN protocol.

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