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Victoria’s Secret underwear and Gucci will be available in metaverse

There are no longer any limits to virtual clothing items in the Metaverse. Now the underwear manufacturer Victoria’s Secret is back with news for the digital parallel world.

Victoria’s Secret underwear coming to the Metaverse soon?

  • Trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis announced on Twitter that US underwear label Victoria’s Secret filed several applications with the Trademark and Patent Office on February 8.
  • Accordingly, the company wants to secure the trademark rights to “downloadable virtual goods”, “retail store services” and “entertainment services”.
  • In other words, Victoria’s Secret could use it to offer clothing items as NFTs and virtual services in the Metaverse.
  • The fashion sector is booming in the Metaverse. Victoria’s Secret is in good company with virtual products: in addition to sporty clothing from Adidas and Nike , the luxury market is also represented in the Metaverse with Gucci , for example.

Gucci gets involved in blockchain game The Sandbox

Luxury fashion house Gucci launches Metaverse fashion in blockchain-based game The Sandbox.

  • The luxury fashion house confirmed to Vogue Business yesterday, February 9, that it has bought a plot of land in popular Metaverse game The Sandbox.
  • The young offshoot of the luxury brand, Gucci Vaults , houses the experimental projects in the Metaverse.
  • Gucci will soon be able to offer its customers the opportunity to buy and wear designer clothing in The Sandbox .
  • When exactly the virtual Gucci experience will be available is currently unknown.
  • The Italian fashion house has dabbled in NFTs in the past and is now taking virtual fashion a step further.
  • It remains to be seen whether Heidi Klum, who recently came out as an NFT fan , will pay a visit to the Gucci store in the virtual parallel world.

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