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Oakland Athletics Introduces Bitcoin Payment & AI Robot Sofia will auction her works NFT

The Oakland Athletics baseball team, often referred to as the A-T, is temporarily allowing fans to pay in Bitcoin for seasonal use of their private apartments.

According to Sunday’s press release, A’s fans can now pay $ 64,800 in fiat currency, or one bitcoin for a private suite accommodating up to six people.

“The price of a Seasonal Suite can fluctuate depending on when it is purchased, adding to the hype,” said A President Dave Kavall. “We invite our fans to become the first owners of a Bitcoin suite in sports.”


Kaval also said the private apartments were a way for groups of six to socially distance themselves at a time when current state health regulations limit seating in the stadium to two and four booths. According to the post, the offer ends on April 1st.

Earlier this month, Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks allowed fans to buy merchandise and tickets using dogecoin.

According to CoinTelegraph, humanoid robot Sophia will auction its digital NFT images on March 23 via the Nifty Gateway platform. Sophia’s NFT is reportedly based on the work of artist Andrea Bonacheto.

Today, Hanson Robotics and iv gallery announced that they will launch an NFT series based on the artwork of the AI-driven humanoid robot Sophia. The work will appear on March 23 on the Gemini Nifty Gateway platform.

These works appeared as a result of collaboration between Sofia and the artist Andrea Bonacheto. Sofia – with “her own” mixture of artificial intelligence and the ingenuity of neural networks – actually studied the work of Bonacheto, and then created her own compositions.

“It was an amazing experience. I’ve learned a lot over this period just by watching Sofia’s creative process in action, ”Bonacheto said in an interview with Decrypt. “The works of art we have created reflect the overall creative process from start to finish. It’s incredible to see how Sofia reacted to my work. “

The entire NFT market was $ 342 million in February, according to DappRadar, which includes both artwork and things like in-game items and crypto collectibles like Dapper Labs’ NBA Top Shot. The quest to get some of the NFT hype has drawn musicians like Grimes, NFL athlete Rob Gronkowski, actress Lindsay Lohan, and even Taco Bell into the field.

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