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Nifty Gateway users reported their NFTs were stolen

Several users reported that all of their NFT collections were stolen today, but Nifty Gateway says the attack’s impact was limited.

“Someone stole my NFTs today at the Nifty Gateway. The NFTs were then transferred to a different account, ”wrote Michael J. Miraflor on Twitter.

Speaking to Decrypt, a Nifty Gateway spokesman said that “there was no sign of a breach of the Nifty Gateway platform.” The NFT marketplace reported that it contacted those from whom the NFT was allegedly stolen.

“Since all transactions, including transfers, are recorded, I know exactly 2 accounts to which my stolen NFTs were sent,” added the user.

In addition, Miraflor claimed that Nifty Gateway not only confirmed the theft, but even knew where the NFTs were sold – hackers allegedly searched for buyers on Discord channels.

On a Twitter thread, other users also reported that their account was cleared over the weekend by hackers.

“Someone hacked my Nifty Gateway account tonight and used my credit card linked to the account to buy around $ 20K worth of art … cool,” wrote another user.

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