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AMD will not programmatically restrict GPU mining for ETH

AMD has no plans to limit ETH mining on its graphics cards, but the graphics card architecture will be optimized for gamers, making mining less efficient.

According to a PC Gamer post citing AMD Product Manager Nish Neelalojanan, the company has no plans to limit ETH mining on its graphics cards. Nilalojanan announced this during a preliminary briefing on the Radeon RX 6700 XT video card.

“The short answer is no. We will not block any workload on our graphics cards, not just mining, ”said Nish Nilalojanan. Last month, AMD’s main competitor, Nvidia, announced that it would programmatically limit the hashrate of its RTX 3060 graphics cards and launch CMP chips for miners. However, later it became known that Nvidia released a driver for developers without limiting the RTX 3060 hashrate for Ethereum miners. AMD won’t even try to get in the way of cryptocurrency miners, according to Nilalojanan.

However, Nilalojanan explained that AMD is optimizing its chips primarily for gamers. “Obviously, gamers will benefit enormously from this and these graphics cards will not be ideal for mining,” he said. “The AMD RDNA GPU architecture is designed from the ground up for gaming. RDNA 2 doubles these indicators. By that I mean Infinity Cache, and the lower bus width was carefully chosen to achieve specific performance for video games. “

He explained that mining requires high bandwidth, so there will still be some limitations from an architectural point of view.

In other words, while AMD’s new graphics cards can be used for mining, they are not the best option. Earlier this month, there was information that the card Navi 12, which was presented to AMD exclusively for MacBook Pro from Apple, can be reprofiled for mining ETH. There will be no video outputs in the new version of the card – you won’t be able to play on such a card.

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