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In this video, robotic peace doves rap with Ukraine’s digital minister

Crypto donations to Ukraine are drying up. A rap video should attract attention. Distress meets bizarre humor and crypto memes.

The message is simple, but the aesthetic implementation is all the more unusual. Ukraine is calling on the crypto community for donations with a new rap video. The protagonists: the Ukrainian digital minister, an armed robotic peace dove and their Chardonnay-sipping fellows. Oh yes, and pigs in love. The hook of the bizarre meme masterpiece: “Invest in Peace, Bro.”

The war in Ukraine has been raging for three months. The scene donated over $100 million in cryptocurrencies in March . “But the first wave of donations has died down,” writes Everstake founder Sergey Vasylchuk in a press release. The staking provider belongs to the Aid for Ukraine initiative . She collects donations for the war.

The rap video was released on May 23rd and resulted from a cooperation between the Ministry of Digital and Everstake. The producer is the creative agency Bickerstaff.374 based in Kyiv. The video aims to remind the crypto community of the importance of their support in this war. In a humorous and tongue-in-cheek way.

Ukraine hopes for more donations

Many crypto memes are targeted. In her rap, a pigeon with a monotonous robotic voice lists everything that bored crypto investors throw out their digital money on: For example NFTs, an alpaca farm and of course … Lambos. And the dove in the hook reminds us: Peace is also a valuable investment.

The digital minister appears in a selfie video and comments at the end of the rap video: “Like the dove said, no time for sheets. Invest in peace.”

“People rarely think of peace as an investment. But without peace, nobody has the opportunity to pimp their Lamborghini or buy an alpaca farm. It’s a very unusual communication campaign. We hope it will catch the eye and attract crypto donations.”

Users are already diligently sharing and commenting on the video on social media. One can only hope that they pull out their wallets too.

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