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LUNA 2.0: trading volume up sharply following AirDrop

Lately, we often talk about Terra in a negative way following the crash of its ecosystem. But the developers of Terra are doing everything to save their platform. Since May 28, a Terra 2.0 blockchain has thus been created. If it is too early to know if the Terra is saved, this blockchain registers a significant trading volume.

The Luna 2.0 returns with some success

It is still too early to judge the new Terra blockchain . However, the first figures show that sustained activity has been taking place on this blockchain since its creation. For example, based on data from CoinMarketCap, the trading volumes (EUR) since May 28 are as follows:

  • May 28: 262 million;
  • May 29: 139 million;
  • May 30: 425 million;
  • May 31: 1.4 billion;
  • 01 June: 881 million;
  • June 02: 560 million.

On May 31, the volume therefore even exceeded one billion euros. These figures are related to the airdrop launched on the new blockchain. As a reminder, the developers have decided to distribute LUNA tokens for free to compensate for the losses of users. Following this AirDrop, many exchanges have opened the door to trading LUNA coins. This has been the case for example with Crypto.com , Binance, KuCoin, etc.

Admittedly, these volumes are very small if compared to those of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, etc. On the other hand, they are more important than those of the original Terra blockchain.

The Luna crypto price

When it was created on May 28, 2022, the price of the LUNA crypto was €18.19. In the space of a few hours, the price of the LUNA coin plunged around €4.5 . Following the airdrop, the price of the LUNA corner resumed colors. The price of the LUNA rose briefly above €10. Unfortunately, this did not last and the price resumed negative momentum.

If the LUNA coin suffers from the stigma of the fall of its ecosystem , the fall in its price is also due to a negative global situation. Most crypto prices do not stay in the green for long. At the time of writing this article, major cryptocurrencies are on the decline. Currently, the price of the LUNA crypto is €5.13.

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