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DC Comics announces the launch of its NFT platform

DC Comics formalizes its involvement in the world of NFTs and web3. And the legendary publishing house has decided to think big, since it has announced the launch of its own marketplace , specially dedicated to its universe. This platform, currently in beta, is based on Palm, a secondary Ethereum blockchain, offering fast transactions at a lower cost.

The first projects, including numerous collections bearing the image of Batman , the company’s emblematic figure, are already online on the platform.

Another win for NFTs

If this announcement has probably pleased many aficionados of the DC Comics franchise, it is all the more beneficial for NFTs and, more generally, for web3.

Indeed, the arrival of major companies from different sectors in this environment makes it possible to bring in new users , who were not necessarily interested in the basics. This is especially true for a company like DC Comics, which has a colossal influence on popular culture.

The DC Comics platform also offers a very good gateway to these users since it is possible to buy NFTs using credit cards, and not just via cryptocurrencies.

These are not currently available, but should be added in a future update. Thus, even a person completely outside the web3 and cryptocurrencies has the possibility of obtaining his NFT DC Comics easily .

This strategy is used by many large companies (this was particularly the case for eBay) and with good reason, since some people are reluctant to cryptocurrencies, but can potentially be interested in NFTs.

Not the first time for DC Comics

Although the current announcement is undoubtedly the largest ever made by the publishing house about NFTs, it should be noted that DC Comics is not really at its first attempt.

The company had already given it a shot with the world of NFTs during its last virtual convention, named DC Fandome . For the occasion, DC Comics had launched several collections of NFT, in collaboration with Warner Bros.

Finally, note that the competition is also showing a certain interest in NFTs, since Marvel Comics had also introduced, in 2021, five NFTs in the form of 3D statues .

This global enthusiasm on the part of companies for NFTs definitely does not seem insignificant and could well cement this technology in various environments, such as the audiovisual sector.

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