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Solana disables a function to avoid a new failure

Solana announced in a statement and on Twitter on Sunday the discontinuation of durable transaction nonces, which caused a network outage last Wednesday.

At the origin of Wednesday’s outage

Durable transaction nonces are mechanisms employed by Solana to circumvent the short duration of blockhashes. These are, in broad strokes, block reference numbers on the blockchain.

In its press release, Solana points to this practice as being the cause of last Wednesday’s bug which caused a breakdown of more than four hours. This error resulted in double-commit transactions that caused the network to fail. The company therefore undertook to deactivate these nonces in order to allow its network to be restored.

How to avoid this type of incident in the future?

Now, durable nonce transactions have been disabled on v1.9.28 and v1.10.23 to prevent other bugs from occurring in the future. Solana nevertheless indicated that these will be reintegrated in a future update.

This deletion will have no impact on the execution of the various operations on the Solana blockchain. Users will therefore be able to continue to operate the network and trade tokens as before.

Despite this, the occurrence of Wednesday’s outage did not fail to worry the cryptosphere, which believed it to be a sign of a deep failure of the blockchain. Therefore, the Solana (SOL) unscrewed by nearly 22% last week . Since then, a correction has been observed and it does not seem that this incident could have lasting repercussions for the token. So, if you want to buy SOL, we recommend that you proceed on a reliable platform such as Capital.com .

The Solana teams demonstrated their mobilization and their efficiency in dealing with the bug that occurred. On the contrary, the Solana blockchain could benefit from this resilience test and the changes implemented to ensure its sustainability.

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