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BTC, ETH, XRP Forecast Today: Crypto Daily Price Prediction April 15 2021

BTC / USD: Bitcoin Price Prediction

Despite the overbought market, yesterday morning the growth continued on decreasing volumes, and the bitcoin price renewed its absolute maximum, setting it at 64896.75 USD. 

On the way to the 65000.00 USD mark, sellers sharply increased their selling volumes, and a strong bearish momentum pushed the price back to the 63000.00 USD area, and by the end of the day the pair tested the two-hour EMA55, setting a daily low.

The moving average EMA55 stopped a sharp rollback and over the past night the price recovered slightly. On the daily time frame, the Stoch RSI indicator lines have not yet left the overbought zone, so today the decline may continue below the level of average prices. 

A decline to the level of 61000.00 USD will generate interest among potential buyers and will contribute to the recovery of the pair. 


Yesterday morning, the bulls were able to easily test the level of 2400.00 USD, setting a high at 2402.50 USD. In the afternoon, the bearish momentum pushed the price back to the support of 2300.00 USD, but late at night, buyers achieved a recovery in the pair, and this morning renewed the all-time high around the level of 2452.00 USD.  

Now the volume of purchases has decreased, but the growth may still continue to the area of ​​2500.00 USD, and by the end of the day the pair will roll back to the blue trend line. 


Buyers pierced the upper trendline yesterday morning and tried to test the psychological level of two dollars per coin. The growth took place on decreasing volumes, and after the maximum at the point of 1.967 USD, the pair rolled back to the lower border of the ascending channel. 

The bearish momentum was quite strong – the daily low was set at 1.561 USD. However, the trend line kept the pair from falling further and the price returned to the upward channel. 

If buyers continue to pump the XRP price today, then the two-dollar milestone will be overcome.

* All prices are based on BitStamp data

Bonus content

Experts predict further growth in the price of bitcoin

Bitcoin set a new all-time high above $ 64 thousand. Experts explained why this is connected, whether the price of cryptocurrency could roll back against the background of the listing of Coinbase shares, and when the asset reaches the next important mark of $ 70 thousand, writes RBC Crypto .

“Buyers squeezed sellers out of the market”

Mikhail Karkhalev, financial analyst at Currency.com

The update of the historical high is solely due to the fact that investors and the crypto community were aimed at this, in simple terms. Over the past month, there have been repeated attempts at sales, but each subsequent attempt ended up higher and higher: $ 44,000, $ 52,000, $ 56,000. Buyers pressed on and eventually squeezed sellers out of the market. At the moment, there are no events or factors that could hinder further growth.

The listing of Coinbase on NASDAQ is an important historic event for the crypto industry and it is positive, including in the long term, as it will additionally attract even more people to the cryptocurrency world. Accordingly, there should be no reason for the rollback or fall of Bitcoin due to the Coinbase listing.

Most likely, growth will continue to $ 70 thousand and above, when the target level will be approximately reached, it is difficult to say, it depends on the dynamics and mood of the community. If we draw a parallel with previous climbs, then probably within 7-10 days.

“Bitcoin May Correct Short-Term”

Grigory Klumov, founder of the stable cryptocurrency platform STASIS

The growth of bitcoin is facilitated by the start of trading in shares of the crypto exchange Coinbase on the NASDAQ, which will take place today. The Coinbase listing has grabbed the attention of the community and will surely become one of the most prominent examples of digital asset marketing in the past 10 years. In addition, rumors that sovereign wealth funds have become interested in Bitcoin allocations are also fueling the market.

The institutionalization of digital asset investment is accelerating right now. And, like the icing on the cake, killing all pessimists and bears – a record budget deficit over the past 12 months at $ 4.1 trillion. There is a lot of money in the financial system, a wave of inflation is coming, and bitcoin, traditionally, acted as a hedge from it. In the short term, after the news of Coinbase is played out, Bitcoin may adjust.

“Pessimists make mistakes more often than usual”

Sergey Troshin, head of the Six Nines data center

Bitcoin’s rise is a reflection of a number of fundamental market factors. At the moment, both the traditional market and domestic cryptocurrency factors are influencing. The traditional market continues to receive replenishment with incentives, the stock market grows, and after that, part of the portfolios flows into bitcoin.

The current rally is being ruled by big capital and institutions that have stopped showing dislike for the benchmark cryptocurrency and are incorporating Bitcoin into their investment plans and operations. Miners show a tendency to accumulate mined coins in anticipation of growth. Weekend rallies, which are associated with retail activity, also continue to recur.

Bitcoin has gone through a long period of consolidation with many local corrections, and now the token can really aim at $ 70 thousand.The altcoin season, combined with the growth of BTC, will finally break associations with the beginning of 2018, when the pattern with anemic bitcoin with the active growth of altcoins turned out to be a harbinger of the beginning of cryptozyme.

At the moment, all conditions are developing in such a way that fewer and fewer pessimists remain on the market. On the one hand, this is an alarming sign for the market, on the other, given external circumstances and the endless stimulation of the American economy, the party continues. The market has proven over and over again that pessimists are now more likely to be wrong.

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