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Update for Tesla Model S and Model X brings plenty of power

Tesla’s top models, now with over 750 kW, are the fastest series-produced electric cars in the world. The Model S gets a new cockpit.

Tesla has revised its top models Model S and Model X. The most expensive models receive over 750 kW and come up with the superlatives that are so important for Tesla. They are the most powerful and fastest production electric cars in the world. Inside, software and infotainment have been updated. What is new is an upwardly open steering wheel in the spaceship style. In terms of handiness and operational safety, it should be a step backward.

The Model S has been on the market since 2012, has since become the best-selling luxury sedan in the world, and has contributed a lot to the success and status of Tesla, albeit hardly a profit. After various revisions and a term of more than 10 years, a successor to Model S was expected. Ultimately, however, Tesla decided on a comprehensive overhaul, which also benefited the SUV Model X in the same way.

The entry-level version of the Model S will be the previous performance version with 493 kW. With twin-engine all-wheel drive and 3.4 seconds for the sprint to 100 km / h, it accelerates at the very highest super sports car level. The 250 km / h top speed is impressive even with the entry-level model. In order to conquer the airspace above the regulars’ tables, Tesla has again pushed up surface-to-surface missiles with the Plaid and Plaid + models, which have a third motor.


Spaceballs nomenclature

The name “Plaid”, like the “Ludicrous Mode” (crazy, ludicrous mode) of the fastest Tesla Model S to date, is an allusion to the movie “Spaceballs”, which Elon Musk apparently loves very much. In the language of the film, you go into “plaid” when you go faster than the regular maximum speed “ludicrous speed”.

322 km / h

750 or over 809 kW, an insane acceleration of around 2 seconds to 100 km / h and the unbelievable top speed of 322 km / h for an electric car should tickle the ego of Elon Musk and some customers. Unfortunately, Tesla only makes “estimates” of the range. The more than 600 km range that is stated on the homepage should prove to be illusory in practice. According to ADAC, the technically unchanged entry-level model “Performance” has a range of 415 km in practice. Thinking in the same way, the plaid model could be below 400 km. But that’s speculation. The most powerful model, Plaid +, is specified with an “estimated” range of over 800 km. We are excited to see what will be left of it in practice.

Calculator for gaming

The completely new dashboard is primarily characterized by the free-floating, horizontal 17-inch central monitor. In the old model, the touchscreen was integrated upright. New software should not only enable gaming with integrated games, but also a better, faster and safer operation of all functions. For the first time, the rear passengers also have their own monitor. In the luxury class it has long been customary for a monitor to be located on the backrest of the front seats, which can be used separately.

With Model S and X, however, the passengers have to share a small monitor that is inconveniently positioned at the level of the air conditioning controls. But it is also Tesla’s first rear-seat entertainment and also comes as standard. A charging mat is also integrated in the new center console, on which two smartphones can be charged side by side. The standard scope of the revised Top-Teslas includes a cruise control with steering function, which Tesla still calls “autopilot”.

For a surcharge of 7500 euros you get, as Tesla calls it flowery, “the full potential for autonomous driving”. It includes automatic driving on motorways from entry to exit, a lane change assistant, a parking assistant and the detection of traffic lights or stop signs with automatic stopping, as well as automatic start-up when the traffic light turns green.

Over the air, with technical or legal approval, additional functions such as fully automatic driving in the city or remote-controlled parking and calling up the vehicle, e.g. from the entrance to a large square, are to be added. The whole package can only be activated later on the used vehicle, although Tesla reserves the right to increase prices in this case, which is understandable, legitimate and customary in the industry.

Prices for the Tesla Model S start at around 87,000 euros. The plaid model starts at around 117,000 euros, the extremist Plaid + wants to be paid for at least 140,000 euros. The SUV Model X is only offered in two versions. The entry-level model costs approx. 95,000 euros base price, the Plaid model with 750 kW with at least 117,000 euros, exactly as much as its counterpart in the Model S. The acceleration to 100 km / h is specified for the SUV about half a second longer than “estimated “Tesla gives the Model X about 13 to 14 percent less range.

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